Review Of Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success

Whist watching a Tedtalk, I came across a women called Dr Carol S. Dweck who gave an amazing talk, which I highly recommend to check out, about the power of the mindset. Of course we all know being positive leads to good things and being negative does not, but whist reading this book it goes into it on a deeper level through business, parenting and relationships.

Being a businessman and father, this was a compelling read and even gets a glowing recommendation from Microsoft owner Bill Gates.


The book is put into 8 chapters detailing the two different mindset fixed and growth mindsets

Chapter 1: The Mindsets

Chapter 2: Inside the Mindsets

Chapter 3: The Truth about Ability and Accomplishment

Chapter 4: Sports and the Mindset of a Champion

Chapter 5: Business Mindset and Leadership

Chapter 6: Relationships and Mindsets in Love (or not)

Chapter 7: Parents, Teachers and Coaches: Where do Mindsets Come From?

Chapter 8: Changing Mindsets

Every chapter is detailed with decades of research showing how a growth mindset focussing more on effort compared to a fixed minded focussing more on results, is much better for development of a person. She explains with the right mindset we can motivate our children to raise their grades, as well as reaching our own goals – both personal and professional.

How to apply
At the end of every chapter there is a section which gives tips and asks questions for you to discover your own answers about your current actions. I personally reviewed my own actions and tried to incorporate a growth minded thinking within my goals and daily contact with peers and family and to be honest, it really helped me develop better relationships and better results.

Overall this is a great book, that is so relevant for daily life. This book gets you thinking and starts questioning your own actions.

Personally I’ve improved after reading this book. I think it’s a must read for anyone who wants to develop better relationships and get the best out of anyone you try to help.

If it’s good enough for a billionaire to read, I’m sure we can all find something in their for us

I give 5/5 a must read

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