How To Keep A 5 Year Old Entertained Travelling

This post is for all the parents out there with a little one who loves doing everything other than walking around taking pictures of famous architecture and being a tourist. The most common things we get coming our way are “i’m tired” and “i’m bored”, which is quite ironic as any other time, like watching your favourite TV show, they are never tired.

First things first we put our heads together and got into the mindset of a 5 year old, (it was quite crazy in there) and came up with a plan of how to make it more fun.

So here’s our top 5 tips, we hope at least one if not all work.

1. Parks

As we all know with kids, they love to actively play and use their imagination. So when we fit in a park or activity where he can run wild a 5 year old then becomes very happy.

2. A map/goals chart

5 year olds are very curious about the world and want adults to give them that little bit of responsibility and freedom. So every trip we go on, he is in charge of directions. How we do this is by printing out maps at home or as a bonus finding kid friendly maps when we are at our destination.

The benifits are his mind is focused and engaged and feels more like a treasure hunt than looking at just some old buildings and “son the la Segrada is not just some tall church, it’s a masterpiece”.

Also alongside the map we give him a goals chart he can tick off all the places his visited, he likes checking them off and then we offer a reward if he can tick them all which he loves.

3. Food stops

Well we all know when a 5 year old is hungry, you will know about it. To be honest, unless your super disciplined most adults get a bit grouchy if they dont eat.

Now not being prepared with food and on top of that theres no food place in sight, its an outright nightmare when your child is hungry. So as well has having a big breakfast we always take a pack lunch for him just in case and as we are walking a lot, we make sure his eating healthy long lasting energy foods like fruits,nuts and even hummus. So definitely be prepared with either pack lunches or know what restaurants your heading to.

4. Make them the family photographer

Now of course when your on your travel’s, taking a lot of pictures is a must to keep all those memories intact as well as having plenty of instagram pictures to post. So we take the pictures of our children and architecture but give the responsibility to our 5 year old of taking pictures of us.

If your worried about your 5 year old dropping your phone or losing it in the Mediterranean sea, we recommend giving them an old phone or camera which negates all the worry. The benifits are they are now mastering photography skills but you now have your photographer for free. He loves taking pictures of his Mom and Dad even though he loves to keep clicking the button so you have a thousands of the same picture.

5. Make sure they bring their own toys

What kid out there doesn’t love toys? I cant think of any who dont so definitely bring toys,books or educational work along with you, as if your on a plane, train or just waiting around it definitely keep them happy and focused. Plus travelling can make some people homesick but if they have something familiar, it helps them a lot.

So a lot of trial and error along the way but now we have a plan action of not only making us as parents have an enjoyable experience but also giving our 5 year old his own experience that he can enjoy which is the most important thing.

Hope these top tips helps you.

If you have any additional tips that you have learned please leave it in the comments below. Then I’m sure you help us even more.

Have a great day!

The Smith’s 🌍


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2 thoughts on “How To Keep A 5 Year Old Entertained Travelling

  1. I agree with finding parks! We’ve been to parks in all sorts of places on our vacations. I’ll be sad when my kids outgrow them because it’s such an easy way to make them instantly happy.


    1. I agree the joy on there face when they see a park.

      Liked by 1 person

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