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What’s Your Limiting Beliefs?

Whats the anchor holding you back
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What are limiting beliefs?

They are thoughts you process you believe are true. But in fact, that’s far from the truth. As someone with the same circumstances, who believes the opposite, can get a completely different outcome. Do you know what your limiting beliefs are?

For example, if you was born in a small town and lived in that small town your whole life. Amongst people who did the same as you. You would only get a view of the world in one way. Compared to someone who has travelled the world and lived amongst different cultures, will have a completely different viewpoint of the world.

This is also the case when it comes to information. If we just listened to our parent’s viewpoints we would just be a carbon copy as they are. Whether they are right or wrong.

This is one reason why people have certain viewpoints about different cultures, races of people or a women’s role in society. The reason being their limiting beliefs and viewpoints – are of the people they surround themselves with. Based on their prejudices.

These people have normally never been outside of their home town, country or social groups. Then they give you false advice without experiencing it themselves.

For myself, when I said I’m going to open my own business. I was told: “that’s a bit risky, why don’t you go get a safe secure job”. I also had people telling me I can’t do certain things because of my age and experience. Both were completely false statements as I achieved both.

We as humans have a certain outlook on life. That’s down to who we associate with. For safety and comfortability of the tribe, we tend to agree with their viewpoints. But we don’t need to live like this any more and we need to question what people say. Is it their own limiting beliefs, or something of fact.

If you tell a child, again and again that he/she is useless, guess what, they have a high chance of growing up thinking they are useless. The damage that can bring to their life is huge.

Growing up I was told rich people are bad/greedy or their Mum and Dad was rich so that’s why they are. How would this make you feel if you were a child hearing this? I thought to be rich was for the special few, born lucky or did bad things to get their wealth. Luckily through my education and better social circles and living life. I grew to find that these statements are completely false. Every one of us has limiting beliefs but which ones are holding us back. Below i am sharing an action list you can do right now. This can help you banish them out of your life for good.

Open the cage on your limiting beliefs
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1. First, you need to write down where in your life you are unhappy?

It could be your finances, job progression, relationships, parenting, management, anything you can think of.

2. Then write down what’s your beliefs are when it comes to these topics and how are they holding you back?

For example, do you think only academically smart people are rich? Only good looking people progress or criticising your employees will help them respect you? All are false. So pick a topic and write down the beliefs you’ve learned over your life that’s is holding you back.

3. Write down a new list of beliefs that are known to be true and proven. To help you overcome these challenges you face. For example….

If you say “I can’t” a lot, start saying “how can I do this”.

When you say things like “I can never find love” change it to “I will find love.”

If you say “I’m not talented” find one thing you are good at without comparison and praise yourself for that. The list can go on.

4. Stay Vigilant

This is very important. As old habits can creep back and your subconscious mind might allow these limiting beliefs to seep through when you least expect it or when in a high emotional state.

This is normal, just be conscious of it. As this is the best strategy for changing yourself to think more positively. You are now aware of what you want and don’t want, so take action and change it.

To Conclude

The main thing to remember is what you thought was true yesterday might not be the case today. If you are a person who wants to change and grow, question what you believe. Try and research, read books and find mentors who are where you want to be in life. Then you will adopt new thinking that can help you achieve the goals you want. For example, if you get the best sports team vs lowest-ranked sports team, you will find different beliefs cultures.

So you have to ask yourself which team do you want to be a part of. More importantly what life do you want to live?

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