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5 Ways To Stay Positive Whilst On Lock-Down

When setting our new year resolution we never thought what transpired so far early 2020 would our life and people around us change so dramatically. So i have compiled 5 Ways To Stay Positive Whilst On Lock-Down. I hope they help you get through this.

Relating to the human spirit of inner happiness. Here is a young girl enjoying the sun in a field
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The Human Spirit

Whenever our freedoms are taken away, how does it make you feel? Does it make you want to rebel or do you just go along with it? Throughout time humans freedom have been taken away through slavery or control. Now in the 21st century, we are experiencing a pandemic we haven’t experienced for a century since the Spanish flu. Now the things we loved such as sports, eating out, travelling where we want and seeing our families has been taken away from us. Throughout the lock-down, the positives we have seen is the human spirit to endure this, working together, selfless acts which show the best side of humanity. We all know why we are having the lock-down at the moment and here are some positive tips to keep sane during it.

This won’t last forever

What will keep you positive in lock-down is knowing that this is short term not a long term thing. It’s helped me to practice patience. Of course, it’s frustrating and you want to live your life how and when you want to do it. By practising patience you elevate that frustration into motivation, knowing you’re doing a great job helping the NHS and high-risk people by staying in.

The best time to work on you

Spending time working on you is one of the most positive things you can do whist on lock-down. We all can lead busy lives where its hard to have time to focus on ourselves. Now though is the time develop that book, learn to cook, practise an instrument or pick up the paintbrush and start painting. This is so great for your mindset to be able to work on the things that you love but don’t get time to do.

Create a new direction

Using a compass to head in a new direction
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Before the lock-down was you happy with how your life was going? Well, the positive of the lock-down is that now you have time to plan a new course in your life. One that will bring out the passion in you – could be changing careers, starting your own business, buying and selling online, it could be anything. When I changed my career path it was to become a consultant and personal development coach and I feel so much better for it.

Look for good news

At the moment every time you turn on the news or speak to people it can be pretty negative but some positives to come out of the lock-down is good news stories about Captain Tom Moore who has raised over £20m for the NHS, there’s also PE with Joe Wicks getting everyone fit in the morning.

You want to feel positive you have to associate with positive stories and there’s a lot of them if you look. Pick one time in your day to look at the news just to keep up-to-date but then flood your self with good news throughout your day.

Spend quality time with your family

The main positive of this lock-down is now you can spend time with your family. I’ve heard stories of people moving back in with parents or moving in with their lonely grandparent. It can be hard to make these decisions now but the household you’re in, make the most of this quality time you can spend with your family. Get to know them more and enjoy creating more special moments together. I’m enjoying the time I’m spending with my one year-old as I missed a lot of the growing up of my first child because of work. So i look at it as a blessing.

I hope these 5 Ways To Stay Positive Whilst On Lock-Down relate to you and helps you get through this difficult time. In the future we will look back and think that was a crazy time we got through. We as humans adapt and move on and what’s difficult now, won’t be in the years to come.

If you have any positive and helpful tips let us know in the comments below so we can apply them too.

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