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Benefits Of A Plant-Based Diet On My Health

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The main benefits of a plant-based diet have had on me is my health. Before I changed to a plant-based diet I was mainly eating a lot of meat and dairy. I was feeling bloated, constipated and even going to the toilet was painful sometimes. I also had heartburn which was ever-present on the daily. At 30 I thought my health was going downhill and I didn’t know what to do.

I looked online and saw a few things like fasting and the keto diet. When applied i didn’t like the feeling I got from them. I was thinking about why does better health have to be this painful.

The best thing in life is when your mind is focused on something. You always seem to find what you’re looking for eventually. I watched The Game Changers on Netflix and I thought brilliant an English Mixed Martial Artist is doing the documentary. I can definitely relate to this. What I saw was an eye-opener and I learned many things I didn’t know or I was being oblivious to.

From there I took immediate action. So below I will show you some of the major benefits a plant-based diet has had on my health.


From Cows Milk To Oat Milk

My whole life I’ve been drinking cow’s milk. I love it. I have it with my cereal, after I have eaten chocolate and when I’m having a cup of tea. What a beautiful thing to enjoy in life.

Then it hit me one day. When someone said I’m taking away a baby calf’s milk and I’m drinking cow’s milk designed for COWS. Then I found out all the chemicals they pump into cows to make it what it is.

As well as other negative factors this was enough for me to seek new alternatives. I tried Almond, Soy and Coconut milk replacements. All of them didn’t give me taste factor I was looking for. I persisted and then I found the glorious oat milk. I now have it in my cereal and tea and it’s brilliant.

Another factor which impressed me is it’s ranked the healthiest for the consumer and for the environment to drink oat milk. I also know now that a vast majority of the world is lactose intolerant and people later in life after years of drinking dairy milk can start to become intolerant towards it.

Since I’ve been drinking oat milk I now no longer feel bloated any-more. This was one of the side effects i started to get from drinking cow’s milk. As well as all the other positive factors of not drinking cows milk. My health now is improving because of it.

From Meat To Soy Meat Alternative

Just like dairy. Meat has been an ever-present part of my diet. For me, imagining no chicken on a roast dinner or no Nandos in my life seemed crazy to me. You even have the perception of people who don’t eat meat are either skinny white girls or just weird. (Both are completely based on societal prejudice)

You also think that eating meat is your only route to a full protein diet. All around us that’s what’s propagated. Then I found out this is the biggest misconception of my life.

Finding out that protein does not come from meat. It actually comes from the plants the animals eat was a brain explosion. Then you look at animals like Gorillas, Horses and Rhinoceros to name a few who are herbivores. This shows clearly as they are big strong animals.

With this information, I said, “we have to stop eating meat now”. It was a challenge at first because 90% of our meals contained meat. I had to get to work to find some good alternatives.

For our Saturday curry, we changed from chicken pieces to Quorn pieces. We found this is just as filling and the texture is just as good. (This was a big concern to me, losing that texture of chewing something within my meals)

After a few tries, we found that the brand Naked glory made an exceptional meat replacement. Their mince meat and burgers were great. For the sausages, Richmond and Tesco brands gave a fantastic variety and taste better than the original pork sausages.

The list could go on about the changes we have made. The real benefit is how I feel eating these alternatives and that’s GREAT! I no longer go to the toilet and dread the outcome from eating red meat. I don’t have constipation any more and I don’t feel drained after eating.

Now this is by no means a truly healthy alternative compared to eating fresh food. It is a lot better on our health and will eventually reduce a lot of the major causes of heart disease, cancer and strokes. These can be preventable and cause less risk for our health as we get older.

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To Conclude

Overall the benefits a plant-based diet has had on my health is immense. If you were to change to a plant based diet within a month you would see considerable changes.

Of course changing habits is hard. So i would advise baby steps. Start with giving 1 meat first or just give up meat then dairy as examples. You can find whatever works for you. Or just go straight in if it compels you to. Not only will it benefit your health it will also benefit the animals who live and die in the condition we know they live in. A futher post i have wrote is about the impacts on the enviroment our eating habits have.

So there are many reasons why turning to a plant based diet is beneficial for your health. Every reduction on meat and dairy makes a difference. Educate yourself and do the best you can.

We would love to hear your stories of turning to a plant based diet or the benifits you are seeing from this diet.

Thank you for reading and your continuing support. I hope you enjoyed my experience.

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