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Why The 90-Day Habit Tracker Works

A habit tracker in a book
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This blog post will help form new habits like you have never seen before. If you was anything like me who couldn’t get habits to stick, I will go over why the 90-day habit Tracker Works so can get the full benefit too.

Have you ever forgotten an important task you was meant to do? Or you just woke up and couldn’t be bothered to work out? This pretty much summed up my days. One day I was on it. Focused and action-orientated towards daily tasks. Then other days when I didn’t feel like it. Nothing ever got done, unless it had to be done. I was living a yo-yo life and was just getting short term success.

The Decision To Change

I decided I wanted to make this change to progress my life further and I did some research into how to make habits a consistent daily practice. The famous 21 days makes habit saying with further research was of differing results. Some say it’s 66 days, then some studies say it varies on different people and could take 200 days. So with these findings, I decided on 90 days so I could review my progress 3 times at the end of each month.

I started the project with 5 things I wanted to progress on personally. I had written a minimum of 100 words a day for my blog that I’ve always put off. Press up challenge, daily gratitude, visualising my future goals and reading for 30 minutes a day. Whenever I start something fresh. I feel excited which I think a lot of people can relate to. The first week was no different and I was enjoying the progress.

What helped was the sheet I made. It was split up into 3 months and 30 boxes in each segment that I could tick off daily. Then on the side, it had why I wanted to do this, what benefits I would get from completing it and a reward on completion. This allowed me to stay focused and have a purpose for doing it and this helped me stay engaged.

The First Two Months

As the weeks pursued thanks to the visual aid I was sticking to the task. It’s really important when setting new habits that they are in front of your minds eye throughout your day especially as you wake up. The reason being is that you need to be conscious of them because the habit has not formed in the subconscious fully. This will make it difficult to rely on yourself to perform the task without thinking. I have tended to forget until before bed which isn’t the best way to go to sleep on the sense of failure.

At the end of the first month I reviewed myself and found I had progressed rather well. Instead of writing 100 words, I was writing an average of 500 words and I had gone from 20 press-ups to 120 press-ups. This showed to me the huge benefit of not only developing these habits but the foundation you can set for yourself to build even stronger foundations. This is what people have realised when forming a new habit. It’s what you do today that could make dramatic changes in your future. Just like when people explain how to grow money with an index fund with the terminology compound effect. You are compound affecting your habits to a better standing.

The Third Month

Into my third month, momentum has kicked in, and made these habits fixated in my mind. They are now being done without thinking and are part of a set routine I do every morning. The benefits have been psychologically great with my mind becoming more focused and productive. The new habits have to give me a great slingshot throughout my day to achieve more. The physical benefits to have transpired because of these daily practices with a fitter body and a blog that produces a minimum of 3 posts a week now.

After completing the 90-day habit checker, a sense of great achievement filled my body. A sense of profoundness in my ability to stick to this sheet and the discipline it has developed in my self.

Weeks later I reviewed if I was continuing all the habits I had learned. The answer thankfully was a resounding YES! They are now apart of my everyday routine where it would be weird if I didn’t do it. I only wish I would have done it sooner.

Too Conclude

The reason why I wrote this post is that by knowing why the 90-day habits tracker works. It can work for you to form habits you have always wanted to develop. So if you follow my tips – I’m sure you can achieve your success. What 3- 5 habits would you like to achieve in the next 90 days?


At Future Mindset, we are here to push the boundaries of our thoughts and actions. By chasing discomfort in our lives, it can lead us to unlock things inside us we never knew was there. Let’s change our mindset to change our future.

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