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Simple Ways You Can Save The Planet Immediately

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With all the science pointing in the direction of a global travesty. it’s an important issue we need take notice of. This post will be show simple ways you can save the planet immediately. Also pointing out what we can do to make a difference. I hope you learn something here and can be part of the change to make our world a better place for the future of all life on Earth.

Why Is This Happening?

With the rapid rise of temperature on earth since the beginning of the industrial era. The environmental landscape of the world is changing and scientist all agree that humans are having a massive effect on the ecosystems of our planet.

The burning of fossil fuels, burning down forests and the use of transports is sending more C02 back into the atmosphere where it sits underneath the ozone layer protecting our planet from the sun. In-turn this is what’s warming up the planet at an alarming rate.

So it’s now the responsibility of everyone, especially the G20 to take the world in a new direction. A sustainable world that’s healthy for humans to live but also all life, as they’re taking the brunt of humanity growth. This is a simple way you can save the planet immediately.

Below I have comprised the action we need to take to save our planet from preventable man-made problems. Looking After Our Environment Matters and the positives are that we are changing and we are waking up to the changes we have to make but the speed at which we are going to all down the profit and greed from people who are in control to make those decisions.

Now in 2020 after the outbreak of COVID 19. This is the time to make the lasting changes we need to stop the world-changing as we know it. You might say, its a complete overreaction but the data shows it to be true. Ask yourself the question, would you rather prevent something bad happening to you or would rather wait for it to happen to you?

How Can We Save Our Planet

Stop Burning Fossil Fuel And Halt Coal Production

  • Since the beginning of the industrial era, we have seen a massive rise in the burning of fossil fuels. The consumption of fossil fuels include coal, crude oil and natural gas and it’s no coincidence that rising temperature has occurred since we began this process. There are many positives to the rise and development of humans in the past 100 years because of the use of fossil fuels. With the information we know now this is not sustainable for the health of the planet and ourselves. Governments across the world are starting to realise this and are shutting down all coal activity and now developing the natural energy sector of wind and solar energy. Governments have set measures where they are fading out diesel cars. Now with companies like Tesla developing electric cars. With new technology we can defiantly change our habits of relying on fossil fuels, we just to tackle this issue faster.

Stop Burning Our Forests Down

  • Forests are being burned down at an alarming rate over the past 100 years for agriculture purposes. With the increasing demand for feeding countries who are rising in economical terms is ever growing with the likes of China and Brazil being at the forefront. This is down to a growing urban population who compared to rural, prefer a more varied diet that includes different meats and dairy. This demand has led to burning down of the Amazon rain forest where major countries had to ask the Brazilian President to halt the burning of the forest for the endangerment to humanity. The burning of the Amazon rain forest not only is releasing c02 back into our atmosphere its also endangering species of animals and even putting the lives at risk of natives for the greed of wealth. The rate of the population of the world is predicted to carry on rising in the coming decades. Agriculture is not sustainable. So either way, we have to come up with a plan of action. The two viable future options are we all have a more plant-based diet or we artificially make our meat which they’re currently trialling successfully. The cost being a hurdle they need to overcome. Maybe we will be eating like the Star Trek franchise soon.

Change To A Plant-Based Diet And We Can Save More Drinkable Water

  • The world needs to understand that eating meat and dairy the way we do, is not sustainable and a more balanced diet is needed. If we don’t make the changes now there is going to a shortage of food and water soon. Also, the amount of freshwater we use for agriculture is crazy. For example, a one-pound burger requires 1799 gallons of water for it be made. That’s 6809 litres. The average person is expected to drink 2 litres a day. This is crazy. According to the CDC, 780 million people don’t have access to an improved water source and 801,000 children die of diarrhoea because of the cleanliness of their water. The world needs to wake up to the fact we care more about giving fresh water to making food compared to saving a child’s life. With the earth rising in temperature more famines and people dying because of lack of clean water will become a new norm. That’s why we need to act now and slow down our reliance on meat and dairy and focus on making sure every human right has access to clean water.


  • When we decide to change, we will change. It’s as simple as that. The world we live in, is of course, more complicated than that because people in higher powers have their agenda and mostly live in their 4-year terms in power and with immediate issues. As we started to realise now this is an immediate issue being felt today by our hand. If no change happens then it will get severely worse just like if you keep smoking 10 packs a day you will feel the negatives of it somewhere down the line. When we stop burning fossil fuels, burning down the forest for food and when we utilise water better. These are three things that can have a major impact on our fight for a cleaner, and healthier earth. So let’s invest in clean energy, invest in balancing our diets with less death of animals and use of land and let’s use our freshwater to make sure every human has the right to fresh clean water. By understanding why Looking After Our Environment Matters, then we can make real change. Hopefully these simple ways you can save the planet immediately can have an effect on your life.


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One thought on “Simple Ways You Can Save The Planet Immediately

  1. While the measures you suggest are all fair and directly attack the heart of the problem, they are far from “simple” šŸ˜…

    We can’t just stop burning fossil fuels or use natural resources and expect to live the way we do today.
    Our way of life depends on these raw materials. Finding alternatives that are environment-friendly, cost-effective and still maintains the current living standards is a slow, incremental process.

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