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How To Start Your Day With A Successful Morning Routine

My Morning Rundown

How To Start Your Day With A Successful Morning Routine outdoors in nature
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We all have a morning routine. I’m sure we all want to wake up in the morning firing out the blocks for a great day, but unfortunately, it’s never that simple and it can be more like a chore to wake up early. Then one day I had enough of my comfortable warm bed taking control of me and so I researched how to start your day with a successful morning routine.

There was an amazing amount of articles, books and videos on the subject. Everyone had their own style, timings and tasks they did that set them up for a great day. So I decided to find the patterns that came about the most and put them to action. Plus I added in a few of my own that would help me with what I really needed.

So here are my top morning tips on how to start your day with a successful morning routine. 

1. Pick A Time And Stick To It

The most important part of your whole routine is getting up. Sometimes this can be a challenge as the comfort of your bed and more sleep will try and get the better of you. This is normal for everyone but you still have a choice.

So the night before, you need to set an alarm that you know you can wake up to. Make sure you’re going to bed 6 -8 hours before you have to wake to make it an easier experience as the first few days, it’ll be very challenging to wake up early.

Once your brain knows when you want to wake up, it has an amazing effect of waking you up just before your alarm apart from the days when you haven’t had enough sleep or your body is exhausted from the previous day.

This is when you have to take control of your mind and just get up. This will be your most important win of the day because you have already beaten most people who don’t

2. Drink Water To Re-hydrate the Brain

Waking up the brain quickly in the morning makes everything else that you’re trying to do a lot easier. Overnight your body was of course still working, so rehydrating it before you start anything helps keep it top-notch shape. 

3. Read A Personal Development Chapter

For me getting my brain firing on all cylinders is reading a book that can develop you and unlock new ideas. Reading in the morning is like fuel for the brain that gets it operating for the day ahead. Also, reading can be difficult once the day gets going due to commitments and at night your brain will be tired to take in the new information. So it’s a great time to do it in silence. 

4. Start Writing

Straight after reading, I start writing. This is a great way to put all your thoughts on paper. From doing this action – I have started writing blog posts more often, and it has given me a greater understanding of my thoughts. It also makes me feel great after the whole experience. Writing straight away in the morning also takes away the procrastination of doing it later on in the day when your minds busier with daily life, especially when your children want your undying attention. If blogging isn’t your thing then journaling just for your eyes only is exactly the same process. If not, find what works for you.

5. My Purpose & Vision

An important part of my morning routine is knowing where I’m headed throughout my day and life. That’s why I designed a vision board of the top things that I want to achieve within the next decade. This helps me stay positive and focus on what I need to achieve. My goals for the day mainly revolve around achieving this objective. I also have a thermometer with a goals target of something that I’m saving for to also keep disciplined with my financial spending. This is a real personal experience and doesn’t matter how you put it all together as long as you know clearly where you’re headed.

6. Gratitude Time

To lift yourself up is being grateful and thankful for anything in your life that comes to mind. It can be family, your home, the earth or just to be alive. When you are grateful it releases positive emotions and by doing this it takes you into your day in a positive mental state as well as keeping yourself balanced as a person.

7. My Victory List

It’s easy to see other peoples successes which can either lead to inspiration or jealously. The most important person you should reviewing for successes is yourself. We take for granted all that we have done in our lives. So I created into sections the decades that I’ve lived and all of my achievements I could think of. Early on that, I learned to walk and talk. My second decade was Winning the cup double and going to university and my last decade opening my own business and having a wife and children. When you have this list it allows you to know that you are a success and you are worthy to be in this world. It also allows you to visualise what else you can add to your victory list

8. Breathing Meditation

Any form of mediation has been proven to boost your mental and physical capacity. The one I chose was the breathing meditation led by Wim Hoffs techniques. This is such an amazing journey to go and I have definitely seen the benefits of being more balanced and calm as a person. I highly recommend this format but go on your own journey to find yours.

9. Yoga

For me getting older and having more responsibilities led to less time focusing on my body. Then I decided if I want to live a healthy life as I get older this has to change. I thought Yoga was for women and now I know how wrong that statement was. This is for anyone at all different levels and my experience of this has been an absorbing one. I practice with Breathe and Flow and it has shown me that my whole body needs work in flexibility and core strength. For you to add Yoga into your morning routine will definitely impact you later on in life but also give you a great mood and accomplishment boost to start your day.

10. Full Body Workout

We all know the benefits of working out our body and the endorphins that get released from it. For me, it’s just committing and doing it. The mentality approach I have when I’m doing it is by saying “just one more.” That could be one more rep or one more set to go and this helps me stay present and get through the workout fully disciplined. You can research all the benefits but the answer will be to just do it!

I set aside 2 hours of my morning to do this and it has changed my life when it comes to happiness and productivity throughout the day. If anyone out there who may be suffering from anxiety, stress, forms of depression please create a morning routine it will literally change your whole outlook on your day and eventually with hard work, your life.

What I Enjoy About My Routine

For me, the best thing about having a morning routine is that I have already won before I have even started my day. Every morning I work on 10 tasks that I need to achieve on my to-do list. Once that i’ve ticked off everything on my list, feel like a winner.

With that positive energy, the momentum takes me through the rest of my day with purpose. The amount of times I have got into the state of flow because of my morning routine is too many to count.

There is a reason why athletes and successful people in all walks of life have a morning routine and that’s to give them the best possible start to their day.

What Can Set You Back

At first, this can be a big change to someone’s life especially with all the hurdles that can be thrown your way. For instance, if you needed more sleep and you woke up later than the time that you were meant to wake up. Don’t write off the whole routine, just manage it the best you can.

For me having a 1-year-old wake you up at 4.am can be a real challenge to start your day with only 4 hours sleep or if you have an important meeting that’s in the middle of your routine, It’s not ideal but we just have to adapt and not be so hard on ourselves. We are not robots we are humans who are built to adapt, so you can use it as a strength and still get great results from your morning. It’s just our mindset towards it.

Final Thoughts

I hope now you know how to start your day with a successful morning routine. It’s definitely changed my life for the better. Before I end this post, I challenge you to create your own morning routine. It could be 1 thing you wish to do or it could be 10 but take action and commit to it and watch your life change for better. Let me know how you get on. I would love to know!


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