how to make a daily schedule that wins your day
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How To Make A Daily Schedule That Wins Your Day

By Adam Smith

how to make a daily schedule that wins your day
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The Importance Of A Daily Schedule

When growing up you probably noticed a major difference between mornings on a school day compared to a weekend. For instance, the school day was more regimented with a daily schedule. It was breakfast, get ready, brush teeth etc. The weekend was a lot more relaxed and watched a lot of Saturday morning children’s TV. As an adult, I look back and understand now the importance of what I was being taught and how a routine could allow me to take control and win my day.

The difference is that on a weekday I was productive and on the weekend I was less. This showed when I apply a daily schedule I achieve a lot more compared to days that I don’t.

If you have goals, a mission or a purpose you want to achieve. Having a daily schedule is a priority.

What Is Scheduling And Why It’s Needed

Scheduling the night before, every week and month can help organise your life. More importantly, it helps your brain for what’s to come. The more prepared you are the easier it is to execute your goals with little effort on thinking what to do next.

This is true if your building your own business where you have so many moving parts you have to deal with. It’s also the case for a manager, leader or a parent which is just as stressful as running a company.

Having a schedule gets things done and is the difference between executing and not. Just imagine your favourites sports team going out on the pitch without a plan. They would surely lose compared to someone who does if they are similar in their ability.

Is scheduling glamorous? NO! Of course, we all love days when we are free to do what we want when we want without responsibility. So schedule those days in and call them free days where you can anything you want. Sometimes we need that.

To move forward faster and execute all of your desires. Knowing what they are and when to apply them matters. You’re going to have to create a schedule to help you out. Treat it like a friend who holds you accountable for your life.

Benefits Of Scheduling

Your Never Be Late Again

What’s great about a schedule you know where you are in life and where you need to be and at what time you need to be there. How annoying is it when you forget to be somewhere or you miss that zoom call because your mind was busy on other tasks that went on for way to long. That’s why knowing beforehand and setting yourself an alarm reminder can make sure you don’t miss or be late for anything again. Also, it gives your subconscious a heads up and 8/10 times it will let you know.

You Become The Productivity King

With a schedule say bye-bye to lazy days of doing nothing and say hello to achieving your life purpose. When you have a plan of action, you act and when you act on something the law of motion takes over and momentum builds from there.

At times I never quite realise how far I have come in life. However when I look back on my week or month. I’m just amazed at the amount of stuff I have got done. That’s all down to planning and preparing my month and week ahead of schedule.

You Become A Person People Can Count On

When you know what you’re doing and act on those plans with success. People around you will take note. You will be a person who follows through on what they say and therefore become a person they can trust. On the other hand, somebody who doesn’t know what there doing in life and always say they are going do this and that but never acts upon it. Are people you can’t depend on.

If you want to be a person people can rely on. You need to plan and act on everything you set out to do. The return you will get from it will change your life with relationships, friendships and further opportunities.

Keeps You Focused And Engaged

What stops anything happening to a high standard is the focus you put into a task. When my 6-year-old son focusses, the things he achieves are incredible. When we take away a schedule from him where he can do whatever he wants to do. Just watch the chaos unfold. It can have it’s benefits and is just a great way to unwind.

Although compared to what he learns and accomplishes there’s a big difference. By him knowing his schedule that he creates himself. He stays on topic and focuses on what he has to do. A Skill that is crucial for adulthood with even more moving parts.

It Holds You Accountable

When you have a schedule and you tell people about it. It’s like glue, you’re stuck to completing it now. If your a person of integrity it acts as a motivational tool to put into action what you have set out. Make sure you tell people close to you or communities of like-minded people of what you wish to achieve. It can have some great effects.

The Tools To Set You Up For Success

Write It Down

This is a no brainier. When designing my schedule. First I write down my agenda and next to it I put a small square box. So when I achieve that intended goal. I can just tick it off. It allows me to have a sense of achievement for completing it and helps motivate me to do more.

Also, there are many apps out there that help you prepare your schedules on the move. I use Notebook to transfer my schedule onto my phone so I can have it everywhere. This helps to remind me and set me back on course

Get The Big Stuff Done

With every schedule, there are easy, hard, quick and time-consuming things to do. I always work best when I can start with the heavy stuff first with the hardest goal on your list.

Throughout the day your energy will diminish and no one wants to leave the hardest challenge to the end of the day. For instance writing, I always write in the morning because I need a fully engaged brain whilst doing it. Whereas later in the day, I do the easy stuff like networking, researching and reading.

To Conclude

Hopefully, there’s enough in this post today that inspires you to take on scheduling today. I guarantee the benefits you will gain from it will be life-changing. Just find out a strategy that works best for you and just go for it.

I would love to hear your tips and strategies of getting more out of your day. Do you agree with scheduling? Are you an avid scheduler yourself?

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8 thoughts on “How To Make A Daily Schedule That Wins Your Day

  1. Scheduling is so important and something I have been slightly obsessed with for years! It’s funny; a lot of people I know just live life as it comes and gets things done when and as they feel like it and my ways seem crazy to them! Thanks for sharing.

    Paige // Paige Eades

  2. This is really great because a schedule keeps you focused on bigger goals by breaking them into daily activities. Don’t forget to mention tools like goolge calendar and google keep to help you stay on top of things.

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