8 ways how to find happiness right now
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8 Ways How To Find Happiness Right Now

By Adam Smith

How to find happiness

8 ways how to find happiness right now with a man being super happy
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After writing the previous post about unhappiness and what causes it. This is going to be about 8 ways how to find happiness right now. A topic that has been discussed all the way back to Aristotle and Plato with the foremost saying “Happiness depends on ourselves.” Aristotle enshrines happiness as a central purpose of human life and a goal in itself. Aristotle also described eudaimonia (Meaning happiness in Greek) as the goal of human thought and action. 

In modern times I follow the very well known influencer Gary Vee who talks repeatedly about happiness and the importance of attaining it in your life. With some of the most influential people on the planet from the past and present stating the importance of happiness. Why isn’t it taught in our school system? How is it not readily talked about in friendship groups or at home? Why isn’t it the main priority in life? 

Happiness is an important goal to attain

For me, our long term happiness should be something we should focus on. Doing so by not listening to the wants of our parents, friends, spouse, colleagues, mentors and even society. We just need to listen deep within ourselves of what we want in life that will make us happy. When you find out what makes you happy you can then build your life around happiness instead of trying to build happiness around something someone said should make you happy. 

For ideas on what you should focus on to find your inner happiness take a look below for the 8 ways how to find happiness right now.

Finding Happiness

Give Back

I read a story about a man called Kenneth Behring who has appeared numerous times on the Forbes wealthiest list. He described his life in 4 stages. 

The first stages were MORE STUFF where he got a nice car and house. The second stage was BETTER STUFF where he upgraded what he had to a mansion and a private jet. The third stage was DIFFERENT STUFF where he bought classic cars and owned an NFL football team.

 All this was in search of happiness but he never found it until he came across the fourth stage GIVE STUFF were unexpectedly on his way back from Africa he made a stop in Romania where he delivered 6 wheelchairs to a hospital. His experience with an elderly man there gave him more joy and gratitude than he had ever experienced before. 

This led to him giving away over 940,000 wheelchairs across the world. Fancy stuff is nice to have but this should be a bonus not the main goal in life. 

The main goal in life should be to give back and serve others. There you will find your true happiness.

Spend more time with loved ones

It’s been proven in studies that top of the list for peoples happiness is healthy relationships. What makes humans strong is a social connection and has helped humans survive on earth to this day. The bonds of friendship and love are powerful forces in this world. It makes sense that this is one of the main factors of happiness. If you have already found this, don’t let go of it or take it for granted. Nurture it and let it grow.

If you haven’t found this yet. I hope this community we are building can help or one of my favourite community’s is the YES Theory where people who have never met each other before meet up and create friendships with like-minded people. Happiness for me comes from quality relationships with people who make you happy.

Create amazing experiences

The focus on material goods is great for quick short term happiness. This can be buying that new t-shirt or a 50 inch TV but these feelings are fleeting. What gets stuck into humans consciousness is experiences. These are stories you tell to people. It could be something funny, out of this world or a challenge you overcome. When I’ve seen true happiness in peoples faces is when I hear the stories of their experiences. What amazing experiences have you achieved? What’s next to come?

Chase discomfort

I’ve learned that being comfortable does not bring you long term happiness. It brings you short term that leads into unhappiness if you stay there. In life, you have to take risks to move forward. Asking the person you like out on a date or facing your fears by jumping out of a plane. It’s been proven when we feel uncomfortable this is where we feel most alive. It can lead to some of the most amazing experiences that change our life. Write down a list that all the things that you want to do in your life and go do it no matter how uncomfortable they are to do. There you will find happiness.

Have a hobby

Having a hobby is a great way to spend time not thinking about any of your responsibilities and just live in the moment of the favourite things you love doing. This could be a sport, singing, dancing or photography. It can be anything you love to do. Make space for it in your life, don’t put it off like it’s not a priority.

Be financially secure

Nothing makes people happier than their finances being in order. This is not earning a billion pounds, this is earning an amount of money that fits the lifestyle you want where you don’t worry about anything important like food, electricity, water or any of the main essentials of life. Unhappiness defiantly comes from being in debt and out of control of your finances. By finding a way to fix this, it will lead you to happiness. 

Learn to make money doing what you love

Leading on from the last point about being financially secure. If you can build your wealth around doing something you love, you will be happy. People who have found this say it all the time. My last memory is Ricky Gervais who’s the writer and actor of The office said: “choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day of your life”. He’s found his true passion and you have to find yours or close to it that you can build a life around. This is where happiness lies and the best thing about it, we all have different passions, so there are many opportunities to be created.

Be in nature and travel more

We are born from the earth so it makes sense that we get our true happiness from being within it. Whether it’s taking a walk around your local park or travelling to new destinations around the world. Humans get an amazing effect on them when they are apart of nature. For me, I love it. When I’m out in the English countryside or travelling to Barcelona I get the same feelings of happiness. So make sure you fit into your daily schedule to be one with nature wherever you live and try and go a bit further afield when you can. 

Final Thoughts

This list could have gone on for some time. The main message is that there are so many possibilities to find happiness in your life. Instead of focusing on what outside forces make us happy, we should focus on what makes us happy from within.

I thought a high paying job, nice car and home would bring me happiness but it didn’t. I’ve learned that my family bring me the most joy and I’m building my life around them. With the next layer being travel and amazing experiences.

You could look at happiness being like the core of the earth which is the major force that keeps the planet together. To keep your life together have happiness as the central part and treat happiness as the beating heart of your life and build your life around it.

What makes you happy? How are you going to find your happiness? Was happiness a priority in childhood?

We would love to know the answer to these questions. I hope you enjoyed this post. Be happy, Stay happy.

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