6 ways to create an epic vision you will complete
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6 Ways To Create An Epic Vision You Will Complete

By Adam Smith

The Importance Of A Vision

6 ways to create an epic vision you will complete
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Why is it that certain people get all the nice things in life and some people don’t? Why is it that some people upgrade their mindset and lifestyle and others just stay where they are? It’s all down to what we think about and what we believe is true about ourselves and what we want to become. Will the future be 100% accurate? Of course not but the chances are far greater if you visualise what you want to become than if you do not.

When creating your vision make sure you find out what makes you happy and not what makes other peoples happy. When it’s your vision it will mean so much more to you and you will want it to happen so much more. A great source of happiness is serving others. So within your vision finding a place where you can serve others is a great way to bring your vision more purpose.

Let’s create your epic vision!

Without vision, you have no direction. Without direction, you have no purpose.

Steve Gilliland

Creating Your Vision

Find Out The Why

After reading Start With Why by Simon Sinek it hit home the importance of WHY when it comes to your vision. Simons best example is Apple on how they market their vision to the consumer compared to the competition. They start with why instead of what. This has transformed them into one of the biggest and well-known brands of all time. Purely because they understand how the why in a vision is so important. When creating your vision having this in mind is super important. Simon says in his book “There are only two ways to influence human behaviour: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it.” So when you’re creating your vision inspire yourself to understand why your doing it and in-turn this will inspire others to buy your products or follow your vision.

Create The Epic Life You Want Then Work Backwards

Once you have found out you’re why now it’s time to work backwards to plan the how and the what. Having the why clear in the mind that the goal has already been achieved, it’s already set in stone. Now I just need to get there. Having this mentality towards your vision means you have a clear target and all you have to do is find the correct path towards it changing the how and the what as you go along.

For example, if your vision is to travel to every country around the world in 5 years because you want to achieve the unthinkable. (is the why) Then the how is planning exactly how to do it, the understanding of what you have to do to achieve it can be altered at any time to allow you to achieve your vision that never moves.

Create A Vision Board

To keep your goal on track and focused on your mind. Creating a vision board is a must. This can be as small or as big as you want that can be put anywhere from your bedroom to your office. Having it in your face every day keeps the conscious and subconscious brain active in completing the vision. You can create one vision at a time and all the stuff you have to do to get there or you can create a timeline with all the targets you want to achieve along the way. Get creative and make this something that inspires you every day and anyone who sees it too.

Create An On The Move Vision Statement

If you’re always on the move working or travelling. A vision board might not always be practical. So with techniques, I learned from Jack Canfield in the book Success Principles. Having small cards with your goals can help you visualise the vision on the move. This helps you stay on track so your busy schedule throughout the day doesn’t get in the way. For a more visual aesthetically pleasing experience creating your vision with a blank page book that you can take around with you in your bag. Can help you imagine and keep track of your goal on the move.

Plan For Setbacks

With every goal, you undertake it will never be achieved in a straight line. This is what most people expect that the plan you set out will be executed perfectly without any change. From my experience, this is far from the truth. There’s always something that sets you back when going after your vision. It’s either somebody has quit the project I now have to take over or I completely misjudge what was needed to achieve the goal.

What makes people quit their vision is being underprepared mentally for setbacks to happen. When they do happen they look at themselves as failures, which is far from the truth. It’s just a normal setback that happens all the time. When preparing to take on your vision, understand things are going to go wrong and that’s OK. You just need to come up with a new solution to put you back on course. Expect setbacks, then get excited about overcoming them and treat it like a game on hard mode.

A Mission Statement You Can Easily Tell Anyone

When creating a vision you have to be able to explain it to yourself and others so it can be understood. This can be the difference from you achieving your goal to sponsors wanting to invest in your project or not. Tesla mission statement is: “To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.” and Ted Talks is “To spread ideas.” Both you can clearly understand what they set out to do and both are super simple in how they explain it so there is no confusion. So when you’re creating your mission statement make sure it’s concise and easy to understand.

Final Thoughts

These strategies above have helped me create my vision and i hope these 6 ways to create an epic vision you will complete. Can help you achieve it too. When you are creating something for yourself. You feel alive especially if it’s something your passionate about. So set aside a part of your to create and develop your epic vision today.

What techniques do you use to create your vision? What is your vision? How do you intend to get there?

I would love to know. have a great day and make sure you check out or follow up post 8 Guaranteed Ways To Execute Your Vision.

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