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7 Guaranteed Ways To Improve Your Routines

By Adam Smith

The Power Of Routine

7 guaranteed ways to improve your routines with an alarm clock
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Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Routine is what makes all of us do the things we do, that”s why i have created 7 guaranteed ways to improve your routines. As humans we are creatures of habit. This can be good but also be bad too. In life there have been many people with more natural talent than I have. For example – they was better communicators in business or in sport faster sprinters.

Through experience I have learned, bad routines and talent combined. Success is really hard to come by but with routines and talent, success is easily achieved. To make sure I can be the best that i can be, I decided to look at my routines. My sleep patterns, eating habits and general thoughts I had.

What I found was. Successful people like Conor Mcgregor a two time UFC champion, Alex Fegurson Manchester United all time best manager. In business, entrepreneur  Richard Branson to motivation speaker Tony Robbins. They all had one thing in common, ROUTINES.

As I am keen sportsman, when I was younger routines helped with my mindset. Simple things like when I’m playing football. I have the same shirt number (14) and having the same morning preparation each time.

So, I took this same mindset into business. My sport routines gave me so much confidence to achieve success. Applying this into a business environment had the very same outcome as well.

Below are some of my 7 guaranteed ways to improve your routines.

Consistent Wake Up Time

I wake up 6 am everyday. At first it was a struggle. After 1 week my brain adapted and I didn’t need an alarm because my brain woke me up naturally. I was fresh every morning ready to attack the day! This also gave me confidence to start the day with the first win.

Consistent Morning Preparation

Being consistent in the morning was about doing everything in the same order everyday. Just like preparing for a football match with the packing of my bag to putting on my kit in the same order. Having the same routine allowed me to free up brain power of what to do. Keeping your brain energised so it last longer throughout the day is important This allows you to not worry about what your doing in the morning. An example of this is Mark Zuckerberg who wears the same style clothes everyday to save brain power.

Planning Your Life

Planning your life allows you prepare your days in advance. This routine points you in the right direction of your goals. Whenever i create a plan it allows my brain to understand whats coming next and helps me complete the task. Whereas with no plan i am aimless going nowhere in life. This mindset makes you maximise everyday to the fullest, making you look back and go, that was great day!

A Just Win Attitude

Everyday we come up against problems big and small but it’s how we deal with them that defines our success. So to every problem you face. Just ask yourself how can I win at this? Who can help me win? What do I need to win? Doing so will make you achieve more and make you far more happier with you accomplishing more in your day.

Tell Everyone About What You’re Doing And Where You’re Headed

Be consistent with your message and back it up with action. By telling your family, friends, coaches and colleagues what goals and agenda you want to achieve. It’s a sure fire way to hold you accountable every day of your life.

This is important because it’s easy for us to have goals with ourselves and if we don’t meet those goals we can easily forgive ourselves and say it’s OK. When other people are involved and we don’t achieve our goals that we said we would. There’s feelings of I’ve let you down, regret and not being honourable to my word. So this always drives you on to achieve those goals.

For short term goals, always make sure you set realistic achievable goals. And for long term goals you need to think of the bigger picture.

Read Read Read

Every successful person has a library in their home. Why? Because every book has knowledge, and every book has a million pound idea that could change your whole life.

The best thing about books like Think and Grow Rich or Leadership Revolution. Is that they help us grow as people and help us understand the skills we are trying to develop. Reading can help us come up with new ideas and help pass on the message to everyone we come in contact with. But most importantly it helps our brain be alive. As our brain is a muscle and the more we train it, the more it develops.

Healthy Lifestyle

Eating, drinking and working out are essential for keeping your mind and body in top condition. It’s important that you find a meal plan and a workout routine that’s good for your schedule and stick to it, you will see results within weeks.

Final Thoughts

These are the 7 guaranteed ways to improve your routines that have got me good to this point of my life where I run my own company. I still want to better my routines and habits as i look for bigger goals in my life.

So, if you’re looking to improve your life with family, finances or just enjoying life more. Start doing everything above now and you will succeed and be the winner you know you are!

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