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What Living Without Purpose Really Feels Like

By Adam Smith

Spending 5 days With No Purpose

what living without purpose really feels like
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Photo by Smart on Unsplash

Why I’m doing it

I’m an avid believer of a morning routine and living a life of purpose and I know that it can bring you great happiness and productivity in life. I’ve been on both sides of living with and without purpose and they are two different lives you will lead.

A lack of purpose has led to low self-esteem, unhappiness and just lethargic amongst other negative emotions. Whereas having a purpose boost my self-esteem, happiness and energy levels. It’s a consistent effort that I have been practising for a while now and it has a positive impact on my life.

What led me to this challenge is to see whether these habits I’ve created are habits for life or a continuing work in progress. So the challenge is to go 5 days without doing anything of purpose. This will be anything I would normally do that would help me with this habit.

What’s My Normal Day Consist Of

My normal day is waking up at 6.30 am every day. Starting with my brain and body workouts which consists of Yoga, writing, and reading a self-development book etc. Then I get to work on my business which can last up until 4 pm with lunch in-between. Then family time up until the children go to bed. Followed by reviewing and planning for the next day before unwinding with entertainment.

What my next 5 days consist of NO!

  • Regulated wake ups
  • Morning routine
  • Workouts
  • Working on my business
  • Reviewing or planning

My Findings

The first day I started it wasn’t too bad. I and my son caught up on our Star Wars journey which was epic. As the days went on though I could see a change in my emotions. I became more grumpy, snappy and restlessness pursed me that I should be doing something else. At the end of the 5 days. I felt back to square one and a lot of doubt and negative talk started to seep through the cracks. My head felt fried of all the entertainment at home I was watching and social media I was accessing.

Overall I was shocked at how quickly I fell back into old emotional habits. It was so easy to feel this way and to do nothing with my day. My family noticed a complete change in my outlook and mood throughout the experience. I know myself in the past I can be my own worst enemy. This is why I changed my life by living with purpose and having habits built in to facilitate my happiness.

After the 5 days were over it was now time to get straight back to a normal routine. Just like an athlete coming back from injury this was tougher than I was expecting. My brain did not want to immediately push out of its comfort zone. It tried every trick in the book to keep me there. With effort after about 3 days, I was starting to feel like my best self again.

This challenge showed me how valuable it is to form the right habits in your life. Also how many people on this planet are lost and unhappy with how their life is turning out.

Why Living A Life Of Purpose Is Important

That’s why living a life of purpose should be your main agenda to keeping yourself positive and happy. Humans are not meant to sit around and do nothing. We are meant to adapt and change to our surroundings. We don’t have to hunt or grow our food any more which was our purpose in life for so long in our history of being a human. Now we have found a new purpose that only you will know what that is for you. Whatever it is this will lead you to a life that is fulfilled. A life not passing time to get through the day. What’s the point of living to do nothing with your life.

Final Thoughts

So what’s your purpose? Are you working towards it or is it time to start now?

I hope this has helped in some way. If you know anyone who needs to read this right now please share it so they can benefit from this too.

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