why you should focus on your own journey
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Why You Should Focus On Your Own Journey

By Adam Smith

Everyone Is On Their Journey

why you should focus on your own journey
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Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash

My Experience

Today will discuss why you should focus on your own journey and not others. Firstly looking back at your childhood who was your influences and what role did they have on your life?

As a child, I’m sure we have all had role models we looked up to. We studied their life consciously or subconsciously and decided we want to be like that person one day. My role model was Steven Gerrard, the Liverpool Captain. I wanted to be a Liverpool player and captain too. Unfortunately, my skill set would never delve into that standard of competition.

As we get older we come across many other people we know or we see in magazines or on TV and look at their life and say I would like a bit of that too.

Now this can be a positive in the sense you want a better life for yourself and they show you what’s possible but a negative side of this can bring you down. As if you look too much at other peoples lives and what they’re doing you forget about your own life and what you’re doing.

Positives Of Focusing On Your Journey

When you focus on your journey the only thing you compare yourself to is you. When you do this you naturally will feel better about your life. Less stress and anxiety will come from it as your comparing yourself to other peoples success. It means you can get to work on your life goals without any procrastination or fear from outside sources.

Negatives Of Focusing On Other Peoples Journey

When you focus on other peoples lives for too long it can have damaging effects on your mindset. It can lead to self-pity and jealously when comparing someone else’s achievements and living standard. We can think it came easy to them and their just lucky without ever looking into how they got there. You also forget about the importance of your own life and we see this with people watching constant reality tv shows, soaps and youtube videos. Too much of this can lead to negative emotions when comparing it to your life.

How To Stay On Your Path

why you should focus on your own journey
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Photo by Clemens van Lay on Unsplash

The best way to stay on your journey is to simply focus on yourself. You can do this by praising your achievements through a victory list of all your past successes. Secondly focussing what you have to do today to achieve your goals. Also thirdly creating goals and a life that you want to live.

To keep you on the right path. When you look at other peoples life find out their journey and what it took to get them to the place you want to be like them. This will show you what you have to do to get there. When you see other peoples success be grateful to how they got there. The result of their life that excites you is possible if your willing to put in the same effort they took to get there.

This Will Try And Take You Off Course

What will take you off course of focussing on your goals is you. A lack of self disipline can effect the best of us. So when visualising your life you want try and catch yourself when your focussing on other people life too much. If you do this you will get to your end goal a lot faster.

Final Thoughts

So the moral of this story is focus on your journey, your accomplishments, your goals and not others unless it’s for quick inspiration to boost your journey. Hopefully, you understand why you should focus on your own journey is important for your growth and a clear mindset.

It can be hard not to compare or focus on what others have that you want. Be disciplined to focus on your journey and you achieve everything you desire.

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