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5 Valuable Finance Books To Grow Your Wealth

By Adam Smith

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5 valuable finance Books to grow your wealth
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To create a mindset that benefits our lives having a money mindset is valuable to progress in life. Whether you like it or not money is needed to live the minimum standard of living to an unlimited lifestyle. That’s why getting your money right is an important part of anyone’s journey. My 5 valuable finance books to grow your wealth will help you in my many areas of finance. I hope one of these books can give you as much help as it has me.

I’ve been told to read a finance a book a year as a minimum to progress myself with the understanding of finances. So far I’ve been able to read at least 1 per year. This has helped me greatly to build up my financial IQ.

My favourite 5 Finance Books Beginners

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

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This is a popular book in the financial world. Written by Robert Kiyosaki. Rich Dad Poor Dad helps you to understand the different mindsets from the poor to the rich. It allowed me to see the mindset I would need to transform my wealth to a rich standard.

He states that 95% of the world are either employees or self-employed and 5% are either businessman or investors. With this 95% of the worlds, wealth lies with the businessman and investors and 5% with the rest.

This was a real eye-opener and amongst a lot of his teachings, he helps you to understand that you can form better methods to grow your wealth. Here are just 4 of his wisdom when it comes to money mindset.

  1. Most people work for money —rich people have money work for them.
  2. It’s not how much money you make that matters — it’s how much money you keep.
  3. Rich people acquire assets — not liabilities they think are assets.
  4. Working all your life for someone else can lead to financial struggle

2. I Will Teach You To Be Rich

5 valuable finance Books to grow your wealth
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I read the second edition revised by Ramit Sethi. This book I will teach you to be rich describes itself as a 6-week program to a rich life. After reading this it was great to see a lot of the information I was already applying. If this was the first financial book I read this would have given me a major headstart in life. After learning about a rich mindset with think and grow rich this book will teach you all there is to get your money right in simple steps. He breaks downs everything from setting up your bank account, avoid or get out of debt to building your wealth within the stock market. For any novice to finances from start to finish, this was a clear and enjoyable read.

3.The Intelligent Investor

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This book is all about being an intelligent investor where you learn so much about investing and what strategies are right for you. This book is highly recommended by Warren Buffet and when reading I can see why. It’s a hard read at first if you know nothing about this world but after a while, you start understanding it a lot clearer.

A massive bonus is after every chapter Jason Zweig translates Benjamin Graham’s message into a clear understanding for the modern age. Because of this, my wealth transformed tenfold all because he translated it clearly.

4. Think And Grow Rich

5 valuable finance Books to grow your wealth
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Think and grow rich doesn’t teach you about how to beat the market or how to get out of debt. The most important teaching is having the mindset you need to grow rich. This book has changed so many countless lives with its valuable lessons and continues to be relevant today. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to get in the right mindset to grow there life personally and financially.

5. The Richest Man In Babylon

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This book compiles many stories from the Babylonian era. The lessons within these stories still stand up today in the 21st century. It a very small book in comparison to others but effective none the less. This book helps with understanding and teaches you 7 valuable lessons.

  1. Pay Yourself First.
  2. Live Within Your Means.
  3. Put Your Money to Work.
  4. Keep Your Money Safe.
  5. Be a Homeowner.
  6. Insure Your Future Income.
  7. Improve Your Skills to Earn More Income.

Every one of these lessons can help you become wealthy and a quote I loved in this book was “Men of action are favoured by the Goddess of good luck” Which mean that you create your own luck in life and if you want to be wealthy you have to take the right action to get there.

Final Thoughts

For now, these are my favourite books that have transformed my money mindset and overall wealth to this date. It has allowed me to have things in place where my money works for me not the other way around and established systems to allow my money to grow automatically. This has allowed me to focus more on family, travelling, living a life of purpose and giving back without worrying about money.

Let me know what you think of these 5 valuable finance books to grow your wealth or whats your favourite finance book that changed your life. I would love to hear.

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