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Surrounding Yourself With Good Energy Will Change Your Life

By Adam Smith

Table of Contents

Good Vibes Only

Surrounding yourself with good energy will change your life
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Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

We’ve all walked into a room and got a rush of energy. A feeling of how that room feels without even speaking to anyone in it. You immediately get a feeling of should I be here or this is amazing. Sometimes we can’t always run away but your instincts are definitely in the right place. Negative energy is consuming and can easily get into your mindset. It can change your whole outlook on your day if you let it. Progression in these settings stops to an immediate halt as gossip, bitchiness and evil-doing hang around in this setting. It’s even known for your health to suffer from this with stress and anxiety levels skyrocketing. That’s why surrounding yourself with good energy will change your life.

Then there’s positive energy which is is the main focus of this post. I will be explaining how you can attain it in your own life. Also learning about how being surrounded by positive energy is in your control. With some simple strategies, you can be radiating in the right direction in no time.

My Experience

Subconsciously it’s easy to get sucked into to other peoples worlds. We all have a desire to fit in and sometimes in life. The only thing that seems to be around you is people with bad energy who ultimately bring you down.

Consciously now. I know the importance through the experience of surrounding yourself with the right people. Being conscious of what you read and listen to has a major bearing on your mindset. Without knowing. Slowly the bad energy of your environment will bring you to your knees. This is where the majority of your thoughts are negative based on fear, anger, prejudice amongst many other feelings that harm you. When you realise what the pain is and where it comes from. That’s when you can start taking action to fix it.

How Is Bad Energy So Harmful

Bad energy is prevalent in our society. Its become so normalised where positive energy is looked at with suspicion. It’s also viewed as something people need to tear down. With things like a news broadcast, whose job is to tell you all the bad news in the world, you have twitter where people love to hate on each other and we have soaps in the UK which are some of the most negative shows on TV. It’s so easy to consume and easy to practice. It’s a habit we are currently stuck within our society. This energy is not good for you. It’s like eating nothing but ultra-processed food all day or smoking 100 cigarettes a day. No matter how nice or rush you get at first. It will not last and ultimately bad for you.

Why Good Energy Is Worth It

Having good energy fuels every part of your body and mind. This can lead you to experience some of the most amazing joys of life. But it’s much harder to attain as you have to work at it each day to combat the negative energy in the world. The best thing about it. It’s in your control and finding and keeping it should be on top of your list of things to do every day. This is where you will find your happiness.

How Do You Know If Your Negative

Finding out you’re the negative one in the group can be a hard pill to swallow. Even if no one tells you, it can difficult to realise how negative you’re being. Hopefully, you have good people around you who can honest with you and you can take it on the chin. With this knowledge just adapt to become more mindful of your energy.

If this is not the case. A good exercise is to be conscious of your actions and the words you say throughout the day. Also what you are watching and reading. Seeing whether these sources affect you in any way. By doing this you are taking action on yourself and negative feelings you have will slowly go away once you address this bad energy in your life.

Strategies To Kill The Negative To Find The Positive

Social media accounts

This platform has been around what feels like forever but in reality a relativity short while. With all it’s amazing positives there are some major downfalls that need to be addressed going forward. With the freedom of speech being used in its utmost capacity, people feel like they can express any opinion they feel whether it’s about a topic or you as a person.

This, of course, draws criticism and the people being affected can deal with mental trauma consequently. That’s why it’s important to organise your social media account with people who bring you value and generate positive energy within your life. I do this with all my accounts. Instagram is my favourite platform and when I go on it I come out of it much more positive about myself and the world. Just like when you declutter your home, make sure you do the same thing with social media. You are in absolute control with who you follow.


How you get along with your immediate family is personal for you. For some, family interaction can be a torturous one and because they are family you feel obliged to keep contact. This shouldn’t be the case. You are your own person and if you feel worse around certain family members you should either address the issue or limit your time around that family member. For me, I can’t spend more that one day with a family member until we clash on her belief system that I don’t agree with whereas another family member I can spend every day with. Again it’s a choice that you have full control as your mental health comes first.

Friends With friends, you have to ask yourself the questions. Do their values and mindset still align with mine? Are these people your friends or just leeching off your energy? It’s important to align yourself with people who are on the same path as you. It’s Ok to spend less time with people who don’t align with your values. This is a personal choice only you can make because every person and situation is somewhat different. Deep down you know the answers.

Workplace and colleges Are you in a workplace that’s toxic and full of politics? Are you surrounded by people who bring you down? If yes. Don’t be scared of leaving, especially because of money. Look at this place as a short term. Then behind the scenes plot your way out whether it is finding a job and a team you’re passionate to work with. You could even create something for yourself to grow into a business. There are too many people in society who hate their jobs and the people they work with. Don’t live in it, change it.

Your environment My final point is your environment. The area you live and your home you live in should bring you good energy. This is somewhere you come to recharge, spend with loved ones and feel safe. If this place brings you bad energy everything else in your life can be affected by this. Make sure you plan diligently of where you want to live and a home that you can enjoy. If you want your own home or live in an expensive area like London. Set a goal to achieve it and make it happen.

Final Thoughts 

We are only human and we can exhibit different energy levels interchangeable throughout our day. The point hopefully you take away from this is that your energy levels are in your control. If you organise your life the best you can. It helps generate positive energy all around you from the people you hang with to what you consume daily. Some of my favourite positive souls in the world are The Yes Theory on YouTube and the person who inspired me to write this post is David Goggins who is a no-nonsense man with an incredibly disciplined mindset. You should check them out.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this? I hope this has brought you positive vibes and have a great day wherever you are

2 thoughts on “Surrounding Yourself With Good Energy Will Change Your Life

  1. It’s so important to be able to identify what doesn’t serve you in this life as those things tend to become toxic if not removed in a timely manner. I appreciate this post so much, switching my mindset allowed an abundance of good energy in my life and I hope it’s overflown to spread goodness into the lives of those around me. Keep shining that light and spreading that good word, you are so extremely important and appreciated!!!
    xxo Bri

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