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You Have To Be Your Own Personal Trainer In Life

By Adam Smith

Being Your Own Personal Trainer

You have to be your own personal trainer in life
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Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

Are you motivated by other people telling you what to do or more motivated when you decide when to do something? For most someone else telling you what to do even if it benefits you can be met with a defensive force. But when you decide to do it for yourself you can have all the energy in the world to complete it.

For example, if a personal trainer in a gym came over to you and started training you without you agreeing to it. You’re not going to engage in what they say. Compared to you personally approaching that same personal trainer and then having the best experience of your life in the gym. That’s why you need to be your own personal trainer of life and direct and motivate yourself to achieve your goals.

Motivation From Others Should Be Bonus Mode

Motivation can come and go like the wind. When your tired and think you can go no more than external motivation from others can definitely spur you on. Sport is a great example of this when you have the crowd roaring behind you pushing you through to the very end. Sometimes this external motivation can’t push you through and that’s because when you’re reliant on external motivation it can only take you so far especially when there is none. That’s why external motivation from others should be seen as a bonus to propel you further forward to push you through different pain barriers.

Why Self-Motivation Gives You More

The biggest fire of all is you and what lies deep inside you. When the internal goal is strong a man or women can achieve anything they think is possible. Things that have been deemed impossible by others have been achieved by the internal desire of some-ones goal. Roger Banister breaking the mile record to the first European voyages to the Americas. When you know what you want and believe with everything you have that it’s going to happen it will happen.

You Have To Know What You Want

So by knowing what you want. That’s when the magic can start to happen. A good idea is one thing but taking action is a different game entirely. There will be forces from yourself and others that will try and stop you and take you off course. That’s where you have to be your own personal trainer.

How To Get Into Your Own Mind

To be a great personal trainer you have to unlock the inner strength and motivation of another person to achieve their goals. How you do it for yourself? It’s by knowing yourself and what motivates you. It could be mirror talk, meditation to quieten the mind or is looking over your goals and visualising your success. Whatever it is, find and use it all the time to unlock your inner drive to pursue your goals. This is important because procrastination is lying in wait to pounce on your lack of preparation.

Consistency Is King

Once you know what your goals are and how to get into the state to achieve your goals, then you have to be consistent with the recipe you have created for success. For me to work at home. Doing yoga and breathwork with no distractions get me in the zone. As I know it works I build momentum around this that makes it a normal habit I do every day I need to work at home. This has brought me great success in achieving my goals because I’m consistently doing the right actions that fight of procrastination and distractions.

Final Thoughts

For you to succeed with your goal you have to be your own personal trainer in life is a must to motivate you to achieve them. Waiting around for someone to motivate you might never happen or you might not be ready for it when it comes your way. Understanding your goals and yourself for what motivates you can go a long way in pushing you in the right direction. Is it challenging? Of course but anything worth doing is. With consistently it gets easier and easier to do. I challenge you to become your own personal trainer and your success will determine your hourly rate.

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