how to bounce back with job loss during a pandemic
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How To Bounce Back With Job Loss

By Adam Smith

This Is A New Opportunity

how to bounce back with job loss during a pandemic
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Losing a job can be hard for anyone. Being in a place where you are comfortable and knowing you can pay all your expenses each month with the pay you receive. When that’s gone you can feel out of your comfort zone. I’ve been in this position once and my first few days I was a bit uncomfortable with the idea of change. This is a normal feeling when things in your life become different but what humans are great at is adapting. The mindset should be of a new opportunity, not a lost one. This will help you to move forward into a direction that inspires you or makes you happier.

Short Term Solution

With expenses and a family or yourself to provide for. Waiting too long to plan your next career move can be unfeasible within your life. When you leave your previous occupation. Make sure you work out your finances for what your expenses are to live. The reason for this is because finding your dream career might not come straight away but paying your expenses is a must. With the number, you have calculated you should defiantly find a job that covers all your expenses with anything higher being a bonus. This will keep you in control of your finances and less stressed to make better decisions on your career going forward. The mindset to have here is humble. Lose the pride and the ego and do whatever you have to do ethically to support yourself and your family.

Longer-Term Thinking

This is the fun part. The world is your oyster and it’s time to think about what you want to do next. Is it earning more money doing what you already know or could it be applying for a job you have no experience in but would love to do? This is the strategy I looked at when I left my career path. For me, I wanted more freedom in my life with control of my destiny. Creating my own business allowed me to fulfil those desires. You have to sit down with your favourite drink in a nice quiet place in your home and think about what will make you happy and purposeful in your next career path.

Spruce Up Your C.V

The last time you looked at your CV was probably the last time you applied for your job. I know mine was. Before you start sending a CV out make sure you have updated every part. You are defiantly more experienced and a better asset for a company now so don’t forget to show this. Also getting it double-checked by a professional or someone you trust can go a long way to making sure your CV sounds great and also stands out from the rest of the crowd. Also have two copies of your CV, one for more genric jobs and one where you can update it specifically to stand out for a company you want to join. This allows you to speak to the company for what they want whereas your generic CV might not resituate with them.

Update Your Social Media

This is ever important now compared to let’s say 10 years ago. Depending on what job you’re going for. Companies now do a background check on individuals they are hiring and if they see you in a bad light on social media this could be a major set back if a company was deciding to accept you over someone whose social media presence was flawless. Make sure your social media account are either updated to look professional or hidden to family, friends and no prying eyes of anyone who you don’t want to see it.

Build Something For Yourself

If you have left your job and have an idea to create and own something for yourself. You 100% should pursue this. Understand this will be hard work and may even not work out. It could even take years to make a profit as getting rich quick is super rare. Don’t let this put you off but you have to be smart about it. Make it a project you do around your new job until you can sustain your self with your business income. This will allow you to start stress-free about money and concentrate on your product or service you have to offer.

Don’t Be Embarrassed To Ask For Help

When leaving a job it can be a shock on your finances really quick. Maybe finding a job won’t come fast enough to pay your next months expenses. That’s OK. In the UK we have universal credit which you can apply for to help cover your costs until you find a job. It’s not a perfect system but it’s better to have the help rather than not. Whichever country your from seek help from your government to help you short term. Try your best to stay away from loans with high interest and negotiate with the people you owe money to, to give a bit of leeway based on your current situations. Most of the time they can be very accommodating

Learn A New Skill You Have Always Wanted To Do

Learning new skills can be greatly motivating. This is the perfect opportunity to try this out after you have left a job you know like the back of your hand. Think about a skill that you would love to do to either build a stronger foundation on what you already do or go for something completely new. Your motivation will skyrocket and be stimulated in the process.

Enter Back Into Education

If you haven’t already entered into higher education. This could be a great opportunity to increase your chances of getting further up the ladder in your profession or helping you enter a career path your passionate about. When your young it can be hard to know what to do for a career but later in life it can become more apparent. There’s plenty of stories of people going back to university in their 40s and learning to become a lawyer for example and changing their whole life because of it. It’s never too late to change direction. University, for example, is not just for young people wanting a good time. It’s there for anyone who wants to become an expert in a certain field that allows them to practice those skills earning an income they desire in a job they love. That’s the best-case scenario I suppose and it is possible.

Final Thoughts

Leaving a job can be a stressful time but if we look at it as a new and exciting opportunity you can level up and do something even better. I hope this helps you or someone else you care for in any way. I think we all go through it at some point and in times of hardship now is the time to create something new for yourself. A life that you have always wanted but didn’t have the chance to do. When losing a job, this is the time to take control back of your life. Any questions or support don’t hesitate to message below. Look forward to seeing on the next post.

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