why being kind to your child is important
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Why Being Kind To Your Child Is Important

By Adam Smith

why being kind to your child is important
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Photo by Andrea Tummons on Unsplash

Why Kindness Works

How does it feel when your kind to someone or if someone shows kindness towards you? For me, it feels exceptionally rewarding whether you simply leave a door open for someone and they say thank you. Or It can even go as far as donating a spare kidney so someone can survive the next part of their life.

When we act with kindness it can have a trickle on effect that can change future outcomes for the better. Just like a row of dominos falling down, when kindness is shown it can’t helped be recipicated or passed on in some way.

Just look at Comic Relief where millions are raised in hope of helping people through kindness. With more kindness in the world, only good things can happen whereas when the opposite to kindness happens the same happens but in the opposite direction. This only creates more problems in our lives.

This is why it’s so crucial to a child’s upbringing that kindness is taught. Especially when expressed through parenting throughout their childhood. If they can better themselves and others through this action. The world they live in will become a much better place.

How It Helps Children

We can express kindness through affection, kind words, praise on their positive actions and also as parents showing how kindness works. With mental illness being highlighted even more so within our society. This is one part that is crucial to giving children an amazing tool they can use for the rest of their life. This will lead to their own happiness and others too.

The best praise we as parents have received was from a school report. It was of our son showing kindness to his fellow classmates. It was reported from the mother of a fellow classmate who has learning difficulties. Our son took it upon himself to help her, and comfort her when she is unhappy. These acts of kindness not only had a positive effect on the young girl but the mother was so happy that her child was part of a great environment to learn and grow. Imagine if more people were taught this skill especially in higher powers how better our world would be.

This skill can have wondrous effects on how children make friends, how others help them and overall positive environment they can create around themselves.

Remember They’re Always Watching

As a parent, you soon come to realise that your children are always watching you. When you finally know this to be the case. Happens when they pick up one of the bad habits and makes you feel what have I done. Of course, no one can be the perfect human being but you sure can be conscious of your actions around your children. By working on yourself this can add great value for your children to copy the best parts of you.

As parents, we have made a conscious effort to show as much kindness towards our children. Whether that be showing our love to them or making sure we handle ourselves in difficult situations when they are watching. If you have ever seen The Crown on Netflix. You can see the difference between the Queen’s approach to parenting compared to Princess Diana and the effects it can have on children.

The World Needs More Kind People

I believe humans are generally kind and it comes more natural than we think it does. Unfortunately, we live in a world where humans are hooked on all the bad things that happen. Which inadvertently affects our own life if we live within that world. The media will make us believe that the human race is terrible on all counts but the news is just a small percentage of what’s really happening in the world. Whereas all the good and kindness that’s shown is perceived as boring or not newsworthy.

This is the change I believe that needs to happen within our world towards all the good and away from all the bad stuff. Imagine if all the leaders in the world showed more kindness towards their people and peers. How much of a difference that would make. This is why when we are bringing up any child. Teaching them kindness is one step to creating a better world that we all can feel happy and safe to live in.

To Conclude

Overall if we can show more kindness within our lives and be conscious of this around our children this can go a long way to creating amazingly kind-hearted adults. We all love kindness and the more we spread this the better our world will be.

How are you going to spread kindness today? How do you develop this with you children?

I would love to hear your comments back to these questions and I look forward to seeing you in the next post.

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