Important Tips To Understand How To Boost Self-Belief

By Adam Smith

Important tips to understand how to boost self-belief
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Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Keeping ourselves confident and the belief that we can achieve our goals can be really hard sometimes and it takes incredible will power to pursue things alone. Even harder to succeed in life this way. What has been proven is when humans work together to accomplish a task the chances of completing it goes up dramatically compared to one individual. Which is quite easy to understand as more heads are better than one.

Working together and believing in others has helped pre-pal humanity to where it is today. From when we hunted in packs for animals much bigger in size than ourselves to going orienteering expeditions where working together is paramount.

Throughout history, it shows the power of believing in others and working together as a team really works. This post is here to help show you that you can achieve anything you want with the help of others and how you can help others to boost their confidence too.

The impact of this is so important, just look at sports for example of the impact a crowd can have on the home team or a long-distance sprinter coming into the final lap of her home Olympics and has the whole crowd cheering her on. That kind of positive energy moves people to places they never thought was possible themselves.

Sometimes when you see only from your own two eyes. The path can be narrow but with people behind you, they can see what your seeing and more. That’s the power of others especially coaches who can help you visualise an even better path for you to go on.

Why You Should Find Someone That Empowers You?

Throughout my life, I’ve had teachers, mentors and coaches who have helped guide me to where I am today. Without their help, I would be a different person in a different place in my life. That’s the importance of others believing in you but it can defiantly happen in the opposite direction too.

Imagine if you had people around you, who always laughed at your big ideas, always say you can’t do that or just made you feel less confident after speaking to them. How would this make you feel? It’s a simple question and the answer is drained. This is because your self-belief is like a car speed with extra weight within the car and just like real life. The more people who drag you down the slower you will go in the direction you are headed. I’ve had more than my fair share of people like this and the longer you keep them in your life the longer you will be held down going at life at 10mph.

You Have The Control

If this is you at the moment, do not worry, this is all in your control and it changes immediately if you take action. You can quickly find the right people to motivate and give you confidence in the short term through self-help books, YouTube videos and podcast. Where you can find people with the right mindset to give you confidence in your ideas and future.

But the long term solution is surrounding yourself with people who motivate you in life and help you move forward. This can be a partner that’s supportive, a personal trainer that helps guide you to the body you want or a team around you that helps you grow your business. Having the right people around gives you confidence in achieving any of your goals in life.

Once you have yourself ticked off then it’s time serve others in helping them with their self-belief.

How To Help Others With Their Self-Confidence

The best way for you to serve others is to put them first. You can do this by listening to them so they can be heard or it could even be you passing on your own experience to help them overcome a challenge. Whatever it is putting them first will double down on their belief that they can achieve the outcome they desire.

By helping them win you will see someone shock themselves at how good they can be. For instance, a personal trainer at the gym can guide you to levels you never thought your body could go to. Even if you’re just a friend, you can help by just believing in them and supporting them that way. Just by finding positives for people and being their cheerleader can dramatically boost self-belief in another person.

With so many peoples self-esteem at low, small things can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Even if the other person feels 1% better in their belief of themselves. That still a win.

Self Guided Top Tips

  • Look back at your own life of all the people who have supported you and you will see ways you be that person too for others. Whether that be as a friend or a profession.
  • Review your self-talk and ask yourself is it positive or negative, then slowly change these habits.
  • Be self-aware of your family, friends, partners, colleagues etc who bring you down and fix it any way you thinks best.

When belief in ourselves and others is practised. So much good can happen from this. So I challenge you today to do 1 thing that helps you believe in yourself more and then does the same for someone else. Have a great day and see you on the next post.

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