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How Exercise Has Proven To Help You Fight Inflammation Quickly

Fighting Inflammation

In today’s article, we will discuss how exercise has proven to help you fight inflammation quickly. I have faced my own battles with inflammation as I have aged. It affects millions of people throughout the world, with 3 out of 5 people dying from chronic inflammation every year.

This can lead to many underlining negative effects on the body and mind as you grow older.

For example, it can lead to stroke, chronic respiratory diseases, heart disorders, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. This is definitely a worldwide problem we have to fix. Amazingly new studies have backed up the effects exercise can have at preventing chronic inflammation from life-threatening diseases. Especially as we age this should be something you take seriously.

What is inflammation?

How exercise has proven to help you fight inflammation quickly
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In simple terms, inflammation is the body’s way of protecting itself from infection, injury, or disease. It’s broken down into two forms either acute or chronic inflammation where your immune system dispatches an army of white blood cells to heal the affected areas.

Why Is Inflammation Bad?

Well, there is a good side to inflammation when our bodies need to fight off injuries and decease but there is a dark side to inflammation which can happen from our diet and lack of mobility. If this isn’t taking seriously. Lack of action can lead to heart disease, strokes, cancer even affecting brain function. The one I was most interested in was acid reflux and how I prevent this from being a normal part of my life.

How Exercise Has Proven To Help You Fight Inflammation Quickly

In the latest study researchers have shown in the laboratory how we can ward off chronic inflammation through exercise. They engineered human muscles that were grown in a petri dish. Then they inundated the muscles with high levels of interferon-gamma for seven days to mimic the effects of a long-lasting chronic inflammation. The results showed that when muscles were developed through exercise. It could fight chronic inflammation while not overstressing the cells.

This is amazing news for anyone suffering from chronic inflammation as our health is important for our mental well-being. The discovery also shows that it works as effectively as drugs that help with rheumatoid arthritis and baricitinib.My own experience of having acid reflux.

Exercising had a dramatic impact on quieting down this inflammation. In a matter of weeks by exercising I was losing weight around my gut but also building muscle in my legs and upper body. My diet slightly changed but not enough to warrant the cause of my inflammation to drop.

How Does Inflammation Affect The Brain?

How exercise has proven to help you fight inflammation quickly
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Photo by Jonathan Rados on Unsplash

There have been many studies that derived the conclusion of the effects inflammatory diseases can have on the brain. Neurologist David Perlmutter, MD states that “inflammation fuelled by increased blood sugar, can damage the tissue in our brains and put us at higher risk for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.”

Dr Robert J. Hedaya MD also states “Inflammation affects hormones and other neurotransmitters in your brain. Inflammation drives down the level of serotonin, which can lead to feelings of depression or anxiety, and problems with memory. It prevents melatonin from being produced, which causes insomnia.

It causes dopamine levels to rise, which contributes to insomnia, and feelings of anxiety.” This is a major concern to us all if our exercise and diet are not where they should be. The long term effects as we age can have dramatic effects on how we live in the second half of our life.

What You Can Do Today

The research and my experience show exercising on an aerobic level can have major benefits overall. Whether that be getting outside in nature by brisk walking, running or cycling. It can even be inside by having a cycling machine. Whatever you choose exercising and building muscle will help you overcome the long-lasting inflammation that affects your daily life.

Also reviewing your habits like diet, smoking etc. Of how much that affects your health can also help. For me, anything chocolate, saturated fats, pretty much all the unhealthy foods flared up my acid reflux inflammation. So take into account what sets your inflammation off as well.

Final Thoughts

I hope you gained some great insight from today’s article – How exercise has proven to help you fight inflammation quickly.

It goes to show keeping our bodies active and healthy can go a long way to fighting off bad inflammation. The importance of this can be attributed to long term health and the age we live. But it can also help with our brain function and not letting it affect the impacts of depression and anxiety.

The studies I have read have shown there is hope and a lot of it is in our control. So I leave it in your hands to decide to take action. But know at Future Mindset we are behind you rooting for you to make the changes form a healthy body but something we all need is a healthy mind.

Hi I'm Adam
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Hi I’m Adam

I’ve spent over 10 years coaching and mentoring people within sport and business. I have many life skills that I have developed and I want to pass these skills on so people can find their best self. I believe it all starts in the mind and I write about valuable tools and strategies to help people grow in this area.

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