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The Surprising Benefits Of Journaling Has On The Mind

Within this article, The surprising benefits of Journaling has on the mind. We will discuss what journaling can do to help with strengthening the mind and helping with any mental health problems like anxiety, depression and stress. We want to finish the article to not only understand the benefits but can go away and have action steps to implement this into your daily habits.

Who Journals Nowadays Anyway

With technological advancements moving forward at a rapid rate there are now many online journal apps that you can use. But there is something about the surprising benefits of journaling has on the mind when writing. Especially the subconscious mind.

Growing up journaling was seen as a feminine thing to do. A teenage girl keeping her deep dark secrets. (Maybe I watched too many films as a kid).

With age, this has become a weapon for my mind. The peace of mind I get from journaling has allowed me to forgive my past, applaud my present achievements and plan my future.

There are more and more people talking and turning to journaling as a form of mental wellbeing where you can document what’s on your mind.

In the past, there have been many amazing stories that have been discovered through journaling. We have Marco Polo’s adventures to Asia documented for Europeans to see the wonders there and Leonardo da Vinci recorded his thoughts in a series of papers and notes on mechanics and astronomy, offering an insight into da Vinci’s thought process.

Many great people have journaled and it’s time to make journaling a mainstay in everyone life.

Scientific Benefits Of Journaling On The Mind

The Surprising Benefits of Journaling has on the mind
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Photo by Rich Smith on Unsplash

There have been many scientific studies on the benefits that journaling has on the mind. It ranges from improvement in mood but also improvement in understanding and memory too.

A study by Michael Docherty in 2010 backed this up by showing the effects of daily reflective journaling on understanding the scientific attitude toward the understanding of Newtonian mechanics. This shows that journaling can help with understanding difficult tasks as well as remembering them.

Hayley Phelan research also found out that writing in a journal can lead to better sleep, a stronger immune system, more self-confidence and a higher I.Q.

So there is a high amount of evidence within the scientific community that journaling is amazing for the mind and your overall health.

The Power Of Journaling On Your Mental Health

Benefits Of Journaling For Anxiety

Writing in a journal can have a major impact on your state of mind when dealing with anxiety. As well as clearing your mind, it can also give you the peace of mind you need.

Journalling also allows you to open up and understand what negative thoughts and experiences to best manage in the future. Especially the triggers that set off your anxiety. By enhancing your self-awareness you will find out how to avoid these triggers or plan a way to overcome them.

These strategies have been backed up in studies below by Leclaire, 2008 showing the reduction of anxiety in women and Flinchbaugh, Moore, Chang, & May 2012 found journaling helped students manage their anxiety and helped improve their overall performance in the classroom.

Benefits Of Journaling For Depression

I haven’t yet read a study that has found that journaling can eradicate depression for good. What I have read is that journalling can definitely help the mind reduce depression and help manage it in your daily life.

I personally don’t suffer from depression as a condition but when I’ve had low points where the symptoms of depression have been present. Journalling has surprisingly pulled me out of it quite quickly. Getting to the point of writing was the hardest part but once I did my negative thoughts were erased with solutions and I always feel my mind being clear and focussed.

This shows that journaling can have amazing benefits on our state of mind. Eradicating depression for mild symptoms but also reducing its depression as a condition.

Benefits Of Journaling For Stress Management

Life can offer up all sorts of stresses especially in today’s busy world. Whether it’s parenting, a demanding job or a demanding relationship. Being able to deal with emotions is paramount for mental wellbeing.

Writing about our fears, sadness, anger or any other painful emotions. Helps to shed the weight of these feeling onto the paper. Within a matter of minutes you will feel lighter and calmer as you write. Making this a daily practice allows the weight of stress not to build up over time.

There is good stress of course that gets us moving forward but bad stress when prolonged can do lasting damage on our mnetal health. With suicide rate being highest amongst Men. The culture of man up, tuffen up, emotions are for girls. Has to be a thing of the past as the future men within our society will face the same pain.

Men should be encouraged to journal. This is a life-saving technique that’s completely free. As a man writing this, I implore every man to journal and learn from a majority journalling population of women of how to deal with stress and their emotions.

My own mental health has been saved from the stresses of life. Where now I can easily manage any situation and start everyday fresh and renewed.

It also allows the subconscious mind to focus on positive aspects of your life. Without having to manage negative feelings hidden within the mind. That could erupt without notice.

How You Can Apply Journaling Into Your Life

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Photo by David Iskander on Unsplash
  • Have a book just for journaling
  • Pick a time of day preferably at night when you can journal
  • Make sure your alone with your thoughts
  • Make it a priority your favourite hot drink next to you at all times!!
  • Have planned headings (Mine are Forgiveness, Achievements, I’m grateful for and to-do list)
  • Have a section where you can just free write about any experience or emotion that’s strong.
  • Journaling can be about happy things too, make time feel and write those emotions too.

What to do now?

I hope you can take something away from today’s article The Surprising Benefits of Journaling has on the mind

Strengthening the mind should be of importance to everyone. Many great people of the past and present use journaling to understand what’s going on within their mind. Now it’s time for you to understand what’s going on In your mind and use journaling as a way to do it.

Get Journaling!!


Hi I'm Adam
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Hi I’m Adam

I’ve spent over 10 years coaching and mentoring people within sport and business. I have many life skills that I have developed and I want to pass these skills on so people can find their best self. I believe it all starts in the mind and I write about valuable tools and strategies to help people grow in this area.

3 thoughts on “The Surprising Benefits Of Journaling Has On The Mind

  1. Great post – completely agree. I journal every morning and evening as part of routine. It was recommended to me by my therapist over a year ago now. I have’t looked back. It’s been massive for my depression and anxiety as you say it can be. Usually I ask myself a series of questions to outline my purpose and intention – also what it is I’m afraid of and what I can or cannot do about it. Then I write what I’m grateful for. In the evening I write about what went well and how I could do better tomorrow. Thanks for sharing Adam – keep up the great work 🙏

    1. That’s great advice from your therapist and i’m glad it’s having an amazing effect on your mental health. Love your strategy espically outlining your purpose and intention. Thankyou you for your kinds words!

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