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How To Unlock Motivation To Succeed Within The Mind

When The Motivation Of The Mind Decreases

In today’s article how to unlock motivation to succeed within the mind.

Have you ever been doing well and feeling great for everything in your life to just stall? You ever felt grouchy and reactive and you don’t know why?

This came about in my own life every time I set a goal. There came a point where my motivation and my presence of mind became unfocused. This became a significant problem at certain points in my life, where my performance stopped me from succeeding. It became a frustration, and because I never listened to my subconscious signals, it held me back. One day a solution came to my mind. It was like an update for the brain. Today we will dig deeper to find out how to unlock the motivation to succeed again.

Personal Battles Of Demotivation

How to unlock motivation to succeed within the mind
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After setting goals I always felt clear-headed and it allowed me to be motivated to attain my goal. Success came quickly and everyone around enjoyed the new me and everything was going upwards. At last, I’m on the right track I thought.

Then weeks later something gradual happens, my mood starts changing, my energy starts becoming more lethargic, doubt enters the mind, depression hits me, people around me lose trust in my message. What’s going on?

Then the two words that have saved my life enter my mind. MENTAL UPDATE. This is not the sexiest phrase to hear in the world. But it was vital for me to calibrate my mind to move forward again.

The problem that always held me back was,

  • Not resetting the bar of where to go next
  • Not looking at what I’ve actually achieved
  • Comparing my progress to others

With this internal information coming to the surface of my thoughts.

To give me peace of mind I got to work to find a system I could use to stay on an upward curve of my intrinsic motivation. As well as listening to my subconscious mind if signals I could start picking upon.

Below is what I discovered that can help you regain your intrinsic motivation to succeed.

Unlocking The Mind Through Mediation

It’s well known now that meditation can have profound effects on the mind. You have to look no further than a Buddhist monk on the extraordinary discipline and control they have.

Meditation is a learned skill that takes many hours of practice to master or at least in my case still on my journey to mastery.

The reason for meditation was to keep my self-motivation in the mind motivated and on an upward curve. Meditation is a great way for your thoughts to flow out. The reason why it can be difficult to see the downward curve of intrinsic motivation is that my mind can be always busy.

Busy with work, raising children, family, bills etc. The non-stop barrage of always having something to do can stop the subconscious mind from opening into the conscious mind.

Meditation, helped a lot with understanding the feelings I felt, what I needed to do next in my life and what’s actually upsetting me. Immediately after meditating, I would write these thoughts into a journal and got to work on fixing any issues. This helps to change your motivation back into an upward curve motion. Once the problems are fixed. The meditation classes return to a clear mind until the next problems surface from the subconscious minds.

There are many strategies to meditating that you can find on apps and online. For me, it helped by being in solitude and meditating using the breathwork technique of square breathing. Then slowly letting my mind enter deep meditation. I schedule a 30-minute slot to do it but I never time myself and will only come out of it when I’m ready. This for me stops the mind from worrying about time and stays focus.

Unlocking Your Subconscious Mind To Succeed

The subconscious mind is such a powerful friend. It works behind the scenes to allow us to breathe, heal our wounds, stores all our memory’s and everything we have learned. The problem we have is the conscious mind being able to access the information when we need it.

For answering the title of the article, how to unlock motivation to succeed within the mind. Tapping into your subconscious is of importance to find a solution.

Here’s a list of 3 techniques you can apply today,

  • Having time to be silent to listen to your thoughts
  • Asking yourself a series of questions to unlock the answers you seek
  • Write it all down and then analyse the data to find solutions of action

These techniques above helped me stop and take notice of myself and what needed to change in order to regain my motivation to succeed.

How Motivation Can Be Improved Through Journaling

How to unlock motivation to succeed within the mind
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Photo by Alexandra Fuller on Unsplash

After just writing an article The Surprising Benefits Of Journaling Has On The Mind it would be rude not to include it here. Unlocking your motivation can be powerfully done with a pen and some paper. The form of writing that is journaling is like God speaking down to humans to write religious literature.

The same principle applies here as your subconscious mind is the all-powerful being and your conscious mind is the human who writes down what the subconscious tells us.

Journaling helps so many people in many different ways. To regain my intrinsic motivation it helped to write down all the problems I have in my life, the feelings I feel and the worry I have. Writing them down lifts a weight from you. Which if left untreated can cause serious damage to your motivation.

With all my subconscious thoughts flooding the paper. It’s important now to find a way out. By creating solutions to everything you have written down. This can guide you on the journey you must undertake in your development. I create, to-do list, vision boards, a road map etc. Whatever is best for you, design it and execute it.

Every week or month touch base with the subconscious mind and journal again.

How To Unlock Motivation To Succeed Within The Mind

Hopefully, you know now how to unlock the full potential of your mind. Through meditation, listening to your subconscious and journaling what it says.

To keep your mind motivated there are some great techniques you create as habits to maintain your intrinsic motivation.

  • Gratitude daily
  • Exercise daily
  • Having a diet that boosts the mind
  • Visualise your future self
  • Have a victory list of all your achievements
  • Forgive daily
  • Positive self talk

Over To You

I hope you enjoyed How to unlock motivation to succeed within the mind. Understanding what motivated me and demotivates has allowed my life to go in the direction I want. Knowing how powerful your subconscious mind is and to utilise it for your benefit. Helps to unlock the mind to do wonderful things that help our overall happiness.

If you are demotivated at the moment try this immediately or contact me @thefuturemindset on Instagram for more guidance. If you’re on a high still practice this above to keep you in that sweet spot for longer.

Keep building that mental strength and we can all change our mindset to change our future.


Hi I'm Adam
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Hi I’m Adam

I’ve spent over 10 years coaching and mentoring people within sport and business. I have many life skills that I have developed and I want to pass these skills on so people can find their best self. I believe it all starts in the mind and I write about valuable tools and strategies to help people grow in this area.

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  1. What a really great post. I’ve been doing a meditation journal to tackle my mind, feelings and plans. I feel much calmer and more in ‘control’ of my subconscious patterns. I believe it’s a must when we keep ‘falling off’ the track. Thanks for sharing!

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