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17 Ways To Create A Winning Environment To Boost Productivity

Within today’s article 17 ways to create a winning environment to boost productivity. We discuss actionable ways you can boost your productivity by developing the environment you work in to boost your motivation.

We dig deeper into improving environments to work at home, in the workplace from a leaders perspective and for anyone who wants to be more productive in general. If there’s 1 improvement you can take from this article your 1 step closer to creating a winning environment for yourself to boost productivity.

How A Winning Environment Boosts Productivity And Your Mindset

We all would love to be motivated all of the time. But of course, this is unrealistic for an everchanging emotional human. As we come into contact with all the different environments every day. Achieving 100% motivation all of the time is impossible.

The question should be how can we move our motivation from 60% to 70% or 30% to 31%. This question can allow us to create a life where our environment works for us to boost our motivation. With motivation comes productivity. A team or individual who’s deeply unmotivated will produce far less than someone who is motivated. That’s quite simple and understood by us all.

Working on ourselves with self-help books, mentors and the constant stream of information online can defiantly help us grow as people. But the environment we work in is also a must to boost productivity and mental strength. Working on our external environment can help boost our intrinsic motivation to skyrocket.

How To Create A Productive Work Environment At Home

17 ways to create a winning environment to boost productivity
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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Being productive at home can be a far greater challenge than going into the workplace. With distraction from family, streaming services, games and all your favourite things to do in one place. It can be draining on your willpower. It was a challenge for me as well but below are 5 of 17 Ways To Create A Winning Environment To Boost Productivity at home.

1. Set boundaries of solitude

When it comes to working from home. Having people distract you can really set you off track. Trying to write or be creative can be a difficult task when unwanted distractions affect focus. So by setting boundaries with your household to let them know when your working it’s time for no distractions. As Picasso quoted “No great work is done without solitude”. Whether it’s no one can enter your study or your workspace is off-limits for the morning. Setting these boundaries will allow your mind to be undistracted and allows creativity to flourish.

2. Have a clean minimalist environment to work in

Two separate studies have found that having an unclean messy environment can affect your health and your focus . When clutter is reduced, the brain is able to better concentrate on the task at hand. Therefore, in essence, by cleaning your workspace regularly, you improve your focus. Plus having a healthier environment stops the chances of you getting sick which will, of course, slow down your productivity.

minimalist approach is about two things: cutting back on elements without purpose while building up elements with a purpose So having their strategy for your workspace will go along way to improving focus, clear from mental distractions and a boost in health.

3. Go Green

Once your environment has been cleaned. Now it’s time to go green with your environment. An article by Jill Suttie explains the scientific research that shows the effect the human mind has when it interacts with environments where there is a lot of greenery.

It explains that nature helps reduce stress and improves our overall wellbeing as well as making the air we breathe cleaner.

For you to improve your own workspace. Find a range of indoor plants that suit your environment and let nature do its work.

4. Do the creative work first

Our willpower battery is real and just like our energy it depletes throughout the day. This is why any creative task like writing, inventive work or problem-solving has to be done first thing upon awakening. Before any distractions drain your willpower supply.

This will help with your productivity of completing your most challenging tasks rather than leaving them to the afternoon where if you are mentally drained you could easily say I will just to do it tomorrow.

5. Be kind to yourself

No matter how hard or time consuming your work gets. Always practice being kind to yourself. Never be too critical or self-loathing to yourself. By saying positive words of affirmation. It will allow you to continue in a good mental space and boost your productivity in the process. Creating an unstoppable winning environment for you to flourish in.

Creating A Productive Work Environment For Your Team

17 ways to create a winning environment to boost productivity
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Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

A study by Almas Sabir shows an in-depth look at what motivates employees to boost productivity. She states that managing motivation is a critical element of success in any business; with an increase in productivity, an organization can achieve higher levels of output.

Gary Vaynerchuk CEO of VaynerMedia said short-term rewards won’t keep your office excited. It’s all about long-term leadership. According to him 2 things every manager must do to motivate employees. (1) Lead by example (2) Know what your employees want.

Simon Sinek points out that everyone in an organization knows “WHAT” it is that they do. Some know “HOW” they do it. But, very few know “WHY” they do what it is that they do. He points out that the reason can’t be to make a profit. That’s a result, and it will always be a result, of providing something of value.

There is a clear distinction between a productive environment and an underperforming environment. This comes down to leadership. For leaders to create an organisation of people who will be mentally happy and committed. Below are 7 of 17 Ways To Create A Winning Environment To Boost Productivity from a leaders perspective.

1. Have clear expectations

What can cause an unproductive environment is you and your team not clearly understanding what’s expected of each other. This can lead to misunderstandings and a lack of productivity. When done properly this can propel a team and company on an upward curve. You can see this with organisations, for example, FSG company have taken Sports teams The Boston Red Sox and Liverpool F.C to become the best and revered teams in their respective sports and the whole of sport. Having a clear expectation of what you want your team to do and you for them. Can clear the path to your goal.

2. Be clear on your goal

What causes confusion within your team or organisation is the main goal not being clear. If the goal is always changing or is confusing about how to get there. It’s going to cause major problems in your work environment. People will start questioning what they’re doing and why they should work hard. Understanding you’re why and explaining why as a leader is imperative for your team/organisation to flourish. This is why a company’s like Amazon and Apple have had so much success. Not only are they great companies but they are clear on their why.

3. Be there for your team

Within any environment where there is people, there are going to be ups and downs. That’s why it’s important to be there for your team. You’re celebrating the birth of their new child or if they have suffered a loss of a family member, you are there to support them.

This shows they are not another employee or number on the books. They are a valued member of the team. When people know you care about them they will transform the environment you work in. Remember be there for your team from the heart not to gain anything in return. Leaders serve the team whereas individuals serve themselves.

4. Be the example for others to follow

As the leader, you have the power to drive productivity within your team/organisation by being the example for everyone to follow. Think about people you would follow and that’s something close to what you have to achieve to drive your team/organisation forward.

We see it in sports where one man/women can drive the team to success through their example. Steven Gerrard springs to mind in football where he leads Liverpool to champions league glory 2005. In the business world, Elon Musk has produced some of the biggest companies in the world with Tesla and Space X where you have people like Garrett Reisman leaving NASA to follow him.

If you don’t provide a good example, people will not work to their full potential and inevitably they will leave and your team or business will fail. It starts with you and it ends with you.

5. Give people space to flourish

You ever been in an environment where someone is always breathing down your neck? This is actually unproductive for the individual. It fosters doubt and fear. What this does is stifle all creativity and in turn a lack of productivity.

Whereas companies like google, allow their employees to have time to work on their own projects. They call it the 20% project and it has flourished with the inventions of Gmail and google news.

Imagine what the people you lead could achieve if you give them the space to flourish. Rather than blocking their way from producing greatness for your team and organisation.

6. Know when it’s time to rest

A long thought strategy among people was success is only achieved if your working 17 hour days 6 days a week. Studies have shown this is far from the truth. With only a certain amount of focus, we can have throughout the day. Working more can cause more mistakes and a slow down of efforts.

Giving your team time off to rest allows them to come back back and produce their best work is crucial to productivity. It’s important because it allows your team/organisation time to rest mentally and physically.

You know yourself when you are mentally drained not much gets done productively but when you are rested you feel energised. All humans need this. We are not robots. We have a life to live. Don’t work your team into the ground. In the long term, you will benefit from this.

7. Have the right team of people

Just hiring or working with anyone is like going to Vegas and putting all your money on red. You might win the first round but down the line, you will lose. It’s important that the people around you share your values, have the skillset provided to execute the task and get along with the team. If you hire the wrong person this person could kill your business or your team’s productivity. Make sure you take time to find the right person for your working environment to flourish.

5 Ways To Create A Winning Environment For Everyone To Boost Productivity

17 ways to create a winning environment to boost productivity
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Photo by Matt Ragland on Unsplash

Outside of working from home and work. Being more productive in other areas of your life can have its benefits too. Below are 5 of 17 Ways To Create A Winning Environment To Boost Productivity within your life.

1. Have a to-do list

This is probably

the most famous productivity tool of them all. The to-do list can work wonders for you or it can work against you.

How to make it work for you is by following the to-do list productive strategy,

Firstly write down 3 important tasks you have to do today that are non-negotiable.

Have a secondary list of all the other tasks you have to complete. To be done only after the non – negotiable list is complete

Every evening add 3 important tasks that are either new or from the secondary list that you have to complete.

Why this works?

1. This makes it incredibly manageable and productive. 2. Takes away all the pressure and anxiety of having to complete 10 or more task in one day.

Which can easily lead to no tasks being completed because it’s too overwhelming.

2. Have fun

With anything you do. Having fun has to be a top priority. If not, the motivation is going to be limited and productivity will diminish because of it. So whatever you do make it as fun as possible.

3. Be positive

When entering a goal with negativity. Procrastination will easily pull us away from completing the task. So to be productive you have to be positive. A great way of getting you prepared is by doing exercise, dancing or listening to your favourite songs to get into a positive state of mind. Moving the body can shake off all the negativity and bring you back into a positive mindset.

4. Have something to chase

To create a winning environment having a goal you can chase down. Can be highly motivating. As long as it’s within reach. You can do this by,

  • Finding a running partner that’s just ahead of you
  • Breaking down your main goal into smaller tasks
  • Having a time limit set on a goal

This allows the mind to focus. By unlocking the competitive side in all of us. It can boost productivity to levels we might have thought impossible before.

5. Do something meaningful

Research suggests that individuals are motivated to perform well when the work is meaningful and they have responsibility for the outcomes of their assigned tasks. Who wants to do something that doesn’t align with their values or purpose in life? No one is the answer.

When we do, productivity levels are of a minimum standard to get by or way below the expected targets. That’s why it’s important for everyone to find something meaningful to do with their life. We only get one crack at life why waste on something we hate.

Over to you

I hope you enjoyed today’s article – 17 ways to create a winning environment to boost productivity

Whether your working from home or leading an organisation. Creating an environment that fosters a winning mentality is crucial for high productivity.

So ask yourself the questions,

  • Is my environment producing the best results for me or my team?
  • What needs to change?
  • How can I change?

When you find your answers you will be one step close to creating that winning environment!


Hi I'm Adam
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Hi I’m Adam

I’ve spent over 10 years coaching and mentoring people within sport and business. I have many life skills that I have developed and I want to pass these skills on so people can find their best self. I believe it all starts in the mind and I write about valuable tools and strategies to help people grow in this area.

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