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How To Support Your Child With Their New Emotions

Mindful Parent Series Article 3 New Emotions – Today’s article how to support your child with their new emotions explores how we as parents can understand our children ever-evolving emotions, how not to compare their emotions to an adult and how the child can learn how to connect and understand their own emotions.

It’s definitely a challenge we face as parents but we hope you can understand you are not alone with the experiences you are going through and together we can develop healthy mindful children for the future.

How To Help Your Child Express Their Feelings

How to support your child with their new emotions
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Photo by Austin Pacheco on Unsplash

As parents, it’s crucial to allow your child the freedom to express themselves. As well as expressing emotions like laughter and happiness but also when they’re sad and angry too.

Too often parents can tell a child to stop crying and stop getting angry. This is the wrong way to teach a child these complex emotions. It stops the child from expressing this emotion as they deem it to be bad. This can lead to issues in adulthood by expressing or controlling these emotions.

The best thing a parent can do is for every emotion the child expresses you are there to guide them through it. Not send them to their room so they can cry alone. Be there by there side showing love and teaching them how to feel and control their emotions.

How To Help A Child Regulate Their New Emotions

  1. Talk about emotions with your child.
  2. When your child struggles with a strong feeling, encourage her to name the feeling and what caused it.
  3. Help your child find appropriate ways to react to strong emotions.
  4. Remember to be patient.
  5. Help them find techniques like breathing and journaling to express their emotions.

At What Age Can A Child Control Their New Emotions

There is no correct answer to this. It all depends on the individual and what the child has learned and applied to deal with every emotion. With so many emotions to deal with like embarrassment which wasn’t a problem until our son became 7 years old.

The ever-evolving emotions of a child into the teenage years and then into adulthood could be ever-changing. Being with them for every challenge they go through will help them one day have full control of their emotions.

How To Be Their Emotionally For Your Child

How to support your child with their new emotions
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Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash

As simple as it may sound. Being present with your child is of importance. Like anything when your present, people know you care and trust the feelings you have towards them is genuine. When they’re angry or sad being their support system can help the child cope and learn that emotions are not forever and they will pass in time.

How To Emotionally Connect With Your Child

Spending time with your child, understanding and overcoming emotions together will help build a strong bond. Laughing at a funny story together, overcoming hardship and finding a way to win together or when feeling of sadness or guilt learning to express these emotions aloud or in a journal to deal with it. Being by the side of your child through their life will build an emotional connection that will be as strong as any connection a human can have.

Over To You Parents

Thank you for reading today’s article on how to support your child with their new emotions

Parenting is a challenging job. I think the core message to raise mentally healthy children is to,

  1. Provide a safe environment for them to express their emotions without fear of retribution.
  2. Be present as a parent to deal with their emotions.
  3. Teach them techniques to be able to deal with emotions on their own.
  4. Be patient with your child, don’t rush them into being an adult too quick.

What do you think? Am I way off hear or has this opened your eyes a little?

We would love to hear.


Hi I'm Adam
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Hi I’m Adam

I’ve spent over 10 years coaching and mentoring people within sport and business. I have many life skills that I have developed and I want to pass these skills on so people can find their best self. I believe it all starts in the mind and I write about valuable tools and strategies to help people grow in this area.

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  1. Love this! In raising my children, I’ve found that modelling how to handle big emotions is soooo much more effective than just talking about it. It’s also helped me develop healthier responses when times get rough. Thank you so much for these tips, and for the reminder of how important it is to support our children through big feelings!

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