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Routine is what makes all of us do the things we do, as humans we are creatures of habit. This can be good but also be bad too.

In life there have been many people with more natural talent than I have. For example – they was better communicators in business or in sport faster sprinters.

But what I have learned, bad routines and talent combined, success is really hard to come by. But with routines and talent, success is easily achieved.

To make sure I can be the best that i can be, I decided to look at my routines. My sleep patterns, eating habits and general thoughts I had.

What I found was, successful people like Conor Mcgregor two time UFC champion, Alex Fegurson Manchester United all time best manager if not the world’s best, in business, entrepreneur  Richard Branson to motivation speaker Tony Robbins. They all had one thing in common, ROUTINES.

As I am keen sportsman, when I was younger routines helped with my mindset. Simple things like going into a game,  having the same shirt number (14) and visualising how I was going to win that very game with a winning goal. So, i took this same mindset into business. Sport   routine gave me so much confidence to achieve success, that I was otherwise not able to do without it. Applying this into a business environment had the very same outcome as well.

This is what I changed and maybe it could help you too.

1. Consistent morning wake up on a working day.

– I wake up 7.00am everyday. At first it was a struggle but after 1 week my brain adapted and I didn’t need an alarm because my brain woke me up naturally. I was fresh every morning ready to attack the day!

2. Consistent morning preparation.

Being consistent in the morning was about doing eveything in the same order everyday, just like preparing for a football match with the packing of the bag to putting on my kit in the same order.

3. Planning and preparation for the day, week, month and year.

– this is essentially goals and knowing why you wake up in the morning to achieve the things you want to achieve. Now this could be the achievement of nothing or the achievement of everything you set out to do. That’s the choice you make for yourself. But if you are a person who wants achievement in life I implore written goals and goals so big that it pulls you ever closer each day. Then once you have the goal, have a plan of action to achieve it for example if I wanted to go on holiday – what’s the goal of the holiday and what’s the plan to get there? This mindset makes you maximise everyday to the fullest, making you look back and go, that was great day!

4. A just win attitude

– Everyday we come up against problems big and small but it’s how we deal with them that defines our success. So to every problem you face, just ask yourself how can I win at this, who can help me win, what do I need to win. Doing so will make you achive more and make you far more happier with you accomplishing more in your day.

5. Tell everyone about what you are doing and where your headed

– Be consistent with your message and back it up with action. By telling your family, friends, coaches and colleagues what goals and agenda you want to achieve, it’s a sure fire way to hold you accountable every day of your life.

This is important because it’s easy for us to have goals with ourselves and if we don’t meet those goals we can easily forgive ourselves and say it’s ok, but when other people are involved and we don’t achieve our goals that we said we would, there’s feelings of I’ve let you down, regret and not honourable to my word. So this always drives you on to achieve those goals.

For short term goals, always make sure you set realistic achievable goals. And for long term goals you need to think of the bigger picture.

6. Read read read

– Every successful person has a library in their home. Why? Because every book has knowledge, and every book has a million pound idea that could change your whole life. The best thing about books like Think and Grow Rich or Leadership Revolution is that they help us grow as people and help us to understand the skills we are trying to develop. By reading this it can help us come up with new ideas and help pass on the message to everyone we come in contact with. But most importantly it helps a brain be alive as our brain is a muscle and the more we do for it, the more it develops.

7. Healthy lifestyle

– Eating, drinking and working out is essential for keeping your mind and body in top condition. It’s important that you find a meal plan and a workout routine that’s good for your schedule and stick to it, you will see results within weeks.

These are the routines that have got me good to this point of my life where I run my own company. I still want to better my routines and habits as i look for bigger goals in my life.

So, if you’re looking to improve your life with family, finances or just enjoying life more, start doing everything above now and you will succeed and be the winner you know you are!

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Review of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Whist watching a Tedtalk, I came across a women called Dr Carol S. Dweck who gave an amazing talk, which I highly recommend to check out, about the power of the mindset. Of course we all know being positive leads to good things and being negative does not, but whist reading this book it goes into it on a deeper level through business, parenting and relationships.

Being a businessman and father, this was a compelling read and even gets a glowing recommendation from Microsoft owner Bill Gates.


The book is put into 8 chapters detailing the two different mindset fixed and growth mindsets

Chapter 1: The Mindsets

Chapter 2: Inside the Mindsets

Chapter 3: The Truth about Ability and Accomplishment

Chapter 4: Sports and the Mindset of a Champion

Chapter 5: Business Mindset and Leadership

Chapter 6: Relationships and Mindsets in Love (or not)

Chapter 7: Parents, Teachers and Coaches: Where do Mindsets Come From?

Chapter 8: Changing Mindsets

Every chapter is detailed with decades of research showing how a growth mindset focussing more on effort compared to a fixed minded focussing more on results, is much better for development of a person. She explains with the right mindset we can motivate our children to raise their grades, as well as reaching our own goals – both personal and professional.

How to apply
At the end of every chapter there is a section which gives tips and asks questions for you to discover your own answers about your current actions. I personally reviewed my own actions and tried to incorporate a growth minded thinking within my goals and daily contact with peers and family and to be honest, it really helped me develop better relationships and better results.

Overall this is a great book, that is so relevant for daily life. This book gets you thinking and starts questioning your own actions.

Personally I’ve improved after reading this book. I think it’s a must read for anyone who wants to develop better relationships and get the best out of anyone you try to help.

If it’s good enough for a billionaire to read, I’m sure we can all find something in their for us

I give 5/5 a must read

A review of James Kerr book Legacy


A friend of mine introduced me to the book Legacy. Unknown to me the author James Kerr spent 5 weeks with the New zealand Rugby team. A team normally surrounded in secrecy, this was a first to learn what makes the All blacks tick. Once I picked this book up, I just couldn’t put it down.

A brief history of the All Blacks

The New Zealand national rugby union team, called the All Blacks, was formed in 1892 and have ammassed a 77% winning record in test match rugby, normally ranked the number 1 team in the world, they have underperformed on a world cup stage untill the last two tournaments in 2011 and 2015, lead by coach Steven Hansen they won in convinsing style to show the rest of the world their dominantes of rugby. Also in the southern hemisphere tournament called Rugby Championship they have won 16/23 times.

The All Blacks are also famous for their black jersey with a silver fern.The team perform a haka, a Māori challenge or posture dance, before each match. The haka has traditionally been Te Rauparaha’s Ka Mate, although since 2005 Kapa o Pango has also been performed.

Not only are they Rugbys best team, they are also regarded as the best sports team across all sports.


There are 15 chapters on leadership from All blacks past and present players and coaches,

I Sweep the sheds — Never be too big to do the small things that need to be done

II Go for the gap — When you’re on top of your game, change your game

III Play with purpose Ask ‘Why?’

IV Pass the ball — Leaders create leaders

V Create a learning Environment — Leaders are teachers

VI No dickheads — Follow the spearhead

VII Embrace expectations — Aim for the highest cloud

VIII Train to win — Practise under pressure

IX Keep a blue head — Control your attention

X Know thyself — Keep it real

XI Sacrifice — Find something you would die for and give your life to it

XII Invent a language — Sing your world into existence

XIII Ritualize to actualize — Create a culture

XIV Be a good ancestor — Plant trees you’ll never see

XV Write your legacy — This is your time!

Every chapter has amazing detail of how these 15 principles help the all blacks become the most dominate team in world sport. This is not by luck, its methodical analysis of what it means to be an all black and how the next generation can see the full benefits of their hard work. Present and future I can’t see these winning habits changing, a team hell bent on leaving their jersey better than they found it, is echoed amongst all.

What I learnt

I learnt that sport and business are very alike and all these principals can be easily transferred into a business environment. With the right foundations any organisation can grow stronger through a personal connection with it’s people and a vision for people to follow. I also learned from this book, you as a person need to hold yourself to a greater level for other people to follow, like their captain Ritchie McCaw, who leads by example, “sweep the shead” is the guy you want to be. Actually there are so many points and tips within this book that could last you a years perfecting your business, it’s that good.

Action goals

I would read a chapter at a time and spend a minimum of a month trying incorporate the most important chapters to you and see the benefits unfold.


A must read for any sports coach, team leader or head of an organisation.


Adam Smith
Future mindset

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