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My Story
My name is Adam Smith. I was born in Birmingham, England. Growing up, life was comfortable, never going without. Staying here living the normal 9 to 5 life was never enough for me and I always wanted more and with this I was labelled the dreamer of the family. I knew I wanted more but had no guidance to get there. I followed the normal growth strategy of people in the UK, go to School get good grades then go to College and University. I never enjoyed these experiences fully and put in minimal effort to get through it. Upon leaving University I had to find my own way on my own, I was petrified. Ill prepared and unsure of what to do. I applied for many random jobs with no avail. My friend sent me a link to a Sports Minded industry and I applied for it straight away. It turned out be a sales and marketing business and this completely changed my life. I grew as a person finding out my strengths and weaknesses as well helping coach people through theirs too. I learned everything there was from sales, public speaking, leadership and management. I completed a training program after 2 years and from there opened up my own company called Future Generation Marketing. After 7 years of working non stop 7 days a week I was burnt out and needed a new challenge and more time to spend with my new family. When brainstorming my new direction, what I loved most in my career and previously in coaching football, was passing on my knowledge to people and seeing them grow from it. This led me to want to develop a business consultancy and later with the help of Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, become a knowledge broker. Now I have created my own business called The Future Mindset with an initial goal to help 1m people develop and take control of their mindsets to change their personal and professional life’s through workshops, seminars, courses, mastermind groups, blogs and social media presence. My future now is destined to give back and help people and give them the mindset they deserve.

Mission Statement
Future Mindset purpose is to make you the best version of you. We do this online and offline creating Virtual online courses, F2F workshops and online webinars. We are here to serve you in approving yourself financially, have lasting happy relationships and your ability to lead teams across many industrys to create your future legacy.

My purpose is constantly develop my mind and help others around me develop theirs and lead a happy existence, leaving a positive legacy behind.

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